Removed old stereo, cut the plugs off, now no dash or interior lights?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by bigburb, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. bigburb

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    I removed my old stereo along with the EQ/tape deck and tuner box, and unplugged all the wires going to them. The deck I bought didn't come with a wiring harness, so I had to hard wire all the wires. I had the coding for both the new deck and the old chevy wires side by side, and matched them up just as I had on the suburban (which I had zero problems with after installation of the new stereo). The first time around, when I turned the key to the accesory position, the interior lights came on, but now power to the stereo. When I pulled the key back out, the lights shut off as well (the driver's door was open the whole time).

    So I seperated all the wires and started over fresh. I paid extra attention when connecting the wires this time, only when I finished, I turned the key back once again, my dash backlighting came on, I heard 3 quick clicks from the head unit and then it just started smoking (literally). So I unplugged it and called it quits before I got too angry and broke something.

    So as it stands now, I have a disaster of mess in my interior, a fried head unit, and non-functional interior lights and dash backlights.

    Can anybody help me out with this? Usually I have a general idea of what may be wrong with my truck, but I'm completely stumped on this one. Any quick responses would be great. I was supposed to make a 150 mile drive tomorrow but I don't want to do it if my electrical is just going to keep getting screwier on me.
  2. bigburb

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    Well, I got my dash/running lights back... it was a blown fuse :sign0017:

    Still no interior lights, any ideas?
  3. 02greenmachine

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    Start tracing wires to figure out what you messed up in the process of hacking the sh*t out of your dash harness. There was no need to cut any of that, for about 8 bucks you could have saved all this hassle and bought an adapter plug.
  4. TritonBoulder47

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    The "brain" for your stereo is down on the floor by the gas pedal under the carpet... That is what you will have to hook into to make it easier...

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