Removing Brake Calipers and Greasing Unit Bearings

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by steved, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. steved

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    School me on a GM...

    Can you simply pull the calipers and squeeze them back, or do you have to loosen the bleeder when you squeeze them? I have a brake that is squealing and I'm going to pull the calipers, add some of the noise dampening goop, and reinstall. Not new to doing brake work, just know that some vehicles don't like to have the fluid pushed back through the system. In this case, I'm not pushing them very much since I'm reinstalling the same pads; but for future reference??

    While I'm in there, I'm going to pull the ABS sensor from the unit bearing and add some grease...just thought I would bring that up for discussion. This is nothing new, the Dodge crowd did it quite a bit, and I know someone wrote a thread on it for the GMs not long ago.
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    The method that you described above will work just fine. Just be sure to put a lug nut back on one of the wheel studs to hold the rotor perfectly vertical when you put the pads back in. Then bolt your caliper back on and give the brake pedal a few pumps. (Both calipers must be bolted in place) This will get the caliper tight against the pads and push them into position against the rotor. Then pull the lug nut off the wheel stud and reinstall the tire. I have seen many guys skip this step and have a brake pad get cocked and bent. Some guys say that you don't have to do this. I would rather be safe than sorry.
  3. steved

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    Yeah, I had it apart, tweaked, and back together by 730PM last night...

    Took me a while to figure out how it came apart...little rubber plugs cover the caliper bolts, caliper bolts are a larger metric allen, etc...even the wheel studs fought me all the way (tire shop overtightened, and they have never been oiled). Took about 30 minutes for the first one and less than 10 minutes for the other. Then I find out today that it must be a rear caliper making the noise...oh well, tonight's project.
  4. steved

    steved Former Member

    Well, whats the tool/trick to removing the top caliper bolt on the rear calipers?? I got the bottom out, was able to rock the caliper up enough to do what I needed. I'm guessing its a stubby allen? An allen socket will not work.

    If I get time tomorrow, I'm going to pull the front apart again, pull the bracket off so I can slip the rotor off, and then see if I can break the ABS sensor off...then add some grease.

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