Removing front seat covers for headrest dvd system?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by zeke502, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. zeke502

    zeke502 New Member

    I am installing a headrest dvd system for the kids for christmas in my 2010 Silverado HD. Does anyone know the proper removal technique for the factory front seat covers? Any help is appreciated!
  2. randomsandwhich

    randomsandwhich Rockstar 3 Years 100 Posts

    Leather or Cloth?
  3. sstoner911

    sstoner911 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Are you reffering to seat covers or the actual fabric seats? You should be able to run the wires down the rod guides to the bottom of the seat. There are clips on the bottom of the seat also I beleive.
  4. bwhitt86

    bwhitt86 Rockstar

    They are as simple as it gets when it comes to those. No reasoned you'd want to take off the cover. It depends on if the ones you have are preloaded or you have to cut. I put 3 sets in 3 09 tahoes in july. There's a panel that pops off in the back that makes it easier. The only problem is that your not gonna have a accessory that's 12 volt because all the nbs pickups don't have em. They are all low current or data wires. The an accessory by the brake that's a green wire i believe but you'll have to run a relay with it considering it isn't 12 volt. But overall very simple unless your not familiar with this type of stuff which you should get a pro to do it.
  5. zeke502

    zeke502 New Member

    They are preloaded headrests. I figured the panel on the back of the seat with the map pouches just popped off. It looks like a fairly easy install. I just need to find a 12V source that is hot when the ignition is on.
  6. bwhitt86

    bwhitt86 Rockstar

    That's what i was talkin about its gonna be hard tappin into a power source which turns on with the vehicle. There are accessorie wires there that turn on and off with the vehicle but they are either low current or data wires which will not work. You have to find the wire first which is under the steering wheel well by the brake i believe. Its either green or brown i can't remember. Your gonna have to just test all the wires. But when you do find it your gonna have to wire up a relay and there's no way around that unless you have an aftermarket radio with an interface that provides a switched power. All of the nbs pickups are like that. So your also gonna have to find a constant and ground for the relay. Believe me i've done countless nbs pickups and that's the only way.

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