Removing Power Outlets/Replacing Caps

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    Previous owner of my 07 Tahoe broke off the caps on three of the power outlets.

    To replace the caps, you must remove the entire outlet (outlet cylinder plus silver retaining collar) and replace the retaining collar(which has the cap attached). These collars cost $4.xx at my dealer. GM advises using a special tool to remove the outlets, but here is an easy way to do it.

    Tools required: 2 very small flat head screw drivers and any tool that has a 4-6 inch shaft about the diameter of a regular screwdriver, with a 1/2 - 1 inch 90 degree angle turn at the end. Note - I actually used an ice skate lace puller because it has a t-handle on the end, but I also have several angled screw drivers that should work also.

    You may need one extra hand, although I was able to do it myself.

    Use the screwdrivers to depress the two plastic retaining knobs on the inside of the outlet cylinder(cross them). If you press hard enough to fully depress the retaining knobs, you should be able to at the same time exert force pulling the cylinder toward you (ie out of the dash). Once you get the cylinder just far enough that the retaining knobs aren't engaged, use the angled tool to reach in and hook one of the two dime-sized holes at the rear of the outlet cylinder. Use the tool to pull the outlet cylinder the rest of the way out. Once you have the outlet removed, detach the wire (one clip on the connector you need to push down). If all you needed was the outlet removed, you're done.

    If you want to replace the retaining collar, keep reading.

    With the wire detached, the retaining collar will slip right off (it comes free when you slide out the outlet cylinder and hangs there until you detach the wire). Slide the new retaining collar over the wire and plug the new or old outlet unit back onto the wire. Now insert the retaining collar into the hole in the dash or console. Line up the cylinder and retaining collar using the grooves in the collar. Push both into the dash or console. These pieces use a friction fit, so they will get tighter as you push them in. Make sure you have them lined up the way you want as you push them in. Once fully seated it is difficult to turn them. In other words, if you want the cap of the outlet to close straight up or down, make sure it is lined up that way as you push it in.

    You're done.

    After I figured out the correct process on the first one, the second and third took me two minutes each.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll file that one. :glasses:

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