Renewing Quad Headlights 1992 Blazer

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by steve986s, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. steve986s

    steve986s New Member

    I need to renew my headlights as they have corroded reflectors & 1 of the lenses is cracked. I have the quad headlight setup (assume it's original - just bought the truck recently).
    Because I'm in Germany, any replacements must be STREET LEGAL i.e. they must have the required e-markings (EU Approved). Ideally I want to keep the quad set up. Having trouble finding new replacements.
    Looked at various websites, having trawled through this forum & still unsure how to solve my problem. have "replacement factory style headlights" - are they legal for European use? They are also the single headlight type(2 per vehicle). BTW they also have "Composite" headlights - what are they? also have some trick headlights but again I'm unsure of their legality for use in Europe?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :confused:
  2. vncj96

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    is this an s10 blazer or a K1500 blazer, because i am not sure there is a quad headlight for an s10 blazer, pics would be great
  3. steve986s

    steve986s New Member

    It's the Full Size aka K1500 not an S10....
  4. steve986s

    steve986s New Member

    Renewing Quad Headlights 1992 FS K1500 Blazer

    I've attached a pic FYI....

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  5. Pete95Sierra

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    look in im sure they probably have it for ya :great:
  6. zippy

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    Few in the US know the specifics about export models. I read an article about EU export Corvettes some while ago, and was surprised by the number of changes, some quite subtle.
    A "composite" headlight is one like you have... A lens and reflector assembly with a hole/s for a replaceable lamp/s. This style can be individually designed for each car model. In older days, they used standardized "sealed beam" headlights... the lamp filament is integral with the lens/reflector assembly.
    I'm not sure what an e-marking looks like, in the US we look for the "DOT" (Department of Transportation) mark along the margin of the lens. Are your lenses DOT marked? Is there any sort of identifying number? Doesn't your truck pre-date the EU? The big question: Is there a difference between the lens/reflector units on your truck and the US replacements available on-line (LMC or e-Bay)? Unfortunately, you may not know without actually having the new unit in your hands for comparison. Good Luck!
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  7. vncj96

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    Go to ebay buddy, you can get diamond, euro clear and black headlights and blinkers for pretty cheap and these are the same as what you have, i cant imagine they are different from the US model since the one you have would have been shipped over anyway, you can also get the composite swap out for your truck on ebay so you dont have to have the sealed beam anymore
  8. steve986s

    steve986s New Member

    E markings are generally a letter E with a number enclosed in a circle, for example E1. There are numerous e markings depending on the function of the light, i.e. indicator, fog, etc. I'm assuming the headlights were fitted after it was imported into Germany because the original one piece ones were not EU compliant. They are from Bosch 80mm x 140mm. The outer pair are for dip beam, the inner for main beam. Unfortunately they aren't listed in the Bosch lighting catalogs. I have checked with the TuV (German vehicle test agency) & they confirm that headlights without an e-marking are NOT street legal here, so WILL fail the bi-annual vehicle test. Not good! I saw a post here from a guy in Belgium maybe he knows???

    Oh & thanks for the info Pete95Sierra!!
  9. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    You can't be the only person with E-approved 80 x 140mm headlights. Keep your eyes open for any European vehicles with the same size headlight assemblies. When you locate one, then get your new lights based on that vehicle.

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