Repair Frustrations : What was your must frustrating repair?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Big_Mike, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Sierraowner5.3

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    worst thing ive done on a gm was a fuel filter on my old saturn. 3 hours of swearing later i had it replaced. non gm stuff? old farm equipment! 30 year old rusted parts that you cant torch or break because good luck finding new parts (or new old parts)

  2. grampy

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    Any thing under the hood of any dorf pickup made in the last 20+ years. Farm equipment was mentioned, don't mind most of that but there's one exception - working on any combine - will raise your blood presure for sure. The word "frustration" just doesn't cover that. Any tool, part or whatever dropped while working on one will drop deep into the bowels of the monster and must be retrieved at great expense of time and labor or else it will "foul" some other critical and expensive part. Of course this only happens during wheat harvest when the temp. is at or near 100.
    One who knows
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    I believe about everyone has sworn while making repairs to a vehicle. I know I have. LOL. Least you got it done. It's a good feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish something that is a struggle.

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    I can only imagine.

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    Aggravating how repairs are like that! Struggle with it and then put it down and go back to it later and get the first try. However, I personally find it frustrating when someone else walks up and does what you have been trying to do for the past lengthy amount of time on their first attempt. Grr...

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    But I don't believe a mechanic on flat rate pay would have time to do that... Then again I don't know the time paid for the job. However, just figured I'd bring that up. Least you can get to the engine easier doing that...

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