Replaced driver side mirror, compass not working

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    image.jpg My 03 Suburban is equipped with auto-dimming and heated side mirrors with built in turn signals. I purchased a replacement mirror glass that is heated with turn signal, but is not auto-dimming. I installed the replacement mirror and now the compass and temp display in the rear view mirror (also auto-dimming) don't work. The replacement mirror had only 2 wires to power the heated mirror, but included an adapter cable to be used on trucks that have the auto dimming feature. Trouble is, only 2 of the 4 sockets in the plug from the truck connect to anything. If I jump the other 2 wires in the connector, will I get the compass etc working or will I make matters worse?

    In the attached photo, the plug is visible from the damaged mirror I removed. You can see 4 pins in the plug. The replacement mirror has the same plug, but only 2 pins.



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