Replacing ac evaporator core

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    I have a k1500 '99 suburban. rear air and heat. I have had the truck to the dealer 2 times. The ac unit will not work. They charged the system the first time and it only lasted 2 days. The second time they said they put something in with the 134A that they used a sniffer to tell where the leak was at, not a dye. Anway the are not sure but think the leak must be in the evaporator core. They wanted $1100.00 to replace it. Well I do a fair amount of work on vehicles and I figure I can do the job. I am planning to replace the heater core at same time. I have been told you have to remove the whole dash to do the job and it takes about 8 hours. Anybody know of a quicker/ easier way to handle this problem? Is it really that bad of a job? Any things I should be aware of before I start?
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