Replacing factory door speakers and reciever

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 2wheelmudder, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. 2wheelmudder

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    So i was going to replace the speakers in my front doors in my 2000 silverado, I'm not quite sure what size i need ive seen 6x9 and 6.5 but not sure and are there any other speakers in my truck that i might replace as well? rear door? i also planned on replacing my receiver because the stock one has no lights working except the time and i would just like to upgrade so i know how to pull the door panels off but other than that is it pretty easy just unscrew and unplug speakers? Im not quite sure on the receiver though, i know you buy a new harness whereever you buy from, im guessing pull the dash trim guard off then pull the old one out and unplug wires and put in new harness and reciever? but im not exactly sure. Thanks in advance!
  2. Z-71

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    I can't remember the size for sure but if you go to and put your truck in the vehicle info it will show you all the decks and speakers that will fit and also ones that will fit with some minor modifying.If you buy from crutchfield you will get instructions I think...

    here is how you remove the front and rear doors on an 02...
    03-07 is the same exept the window switch comes off differently.
  3. ntbush83

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    Should be 6.5's in front door
  4. bwhitt86

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    Your front doors are 6 1/2s and your rears are 4x6s. The doors are extremely easy to take off. The speakers aren't actually screwed in if their stock in the front. It has a big tab on the top you just press and it comes out. So obviously your gonna have to drill holes for the new speakers. It has a speaker harness that connects to the speaker itself. You can either get a speaker harness that just plugs in but its like 13 bucks normally and its just as easy to cut it off and extend it with the speaker connecters you get with the speakers. The only thing you have to figure out is the polarity. The front speakers have the lighter wire being positive and the darker negative. The rears are the exact opposite, dark is pos and light is neg. This is all very simple as long as its not a nose system that makes it a little more difficult. But also remember to disconect the tweeter in the front doors also.
  5. redneck70

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    Here's what all of your wires do, speaker size, and location.

    2000 Chevrolet Silverado Car Stereo Radio Wiring

    Car Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Orange
    Car Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow
    Car Radio Ground Wire: Black
    Car Radio Illumination Wire: Gray
    Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Brown
    Car Stereo Antenna Trigger: N/A
    Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A
    Front Speakers Size: 6 1/2″
    Front Speakers Location: Doors
    Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Tan
    Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray
    Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green
    Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Green
    Rear Speakers Size: 4″ x 6″
    Rear Speakers Location: Side Pillar
    Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown
    Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow
    Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Blue
    Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Blue
  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    As said above.. 6 1/2 and 4x6 in the back.. Good luck... Just remember don't look at speakers that say 200 watts in the back because they will want that much power to sound good. A aftermarket radio will only give you between 18-22 watts Tops.... So you want a speaker that will be fine with 20-30 watts RMS..
  7. 2wheelmudder

    2wheelmudder Rockstar 100 Posts

    Alright thank you everyone with all the info! i appreciate it and am confident now with all of it, so once i get my paycheck and work on it ill post some pics up of what i did and how it ends up. Thank you again!
  8. hobbadobba

    hobbadobba New Member

    Thanks Red for the wiring info. It'll be a big help when I go to replace my speakers
  9. 2wheelmudder

    2wheelmudder Rockstar 100 Posts

    Chevy is much easier to do than fords are, especially head units, the head unit wiring on fords are complete different colored wiring system, very confusing!
  10. zigger215

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    Unless you want to upgrade later wth an amplifier! Sadly 18-22 is nearly triple the output of a factory unit :(

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