replacing fuel pump on 93 chevy 1500

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 763chevrolet, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. 763chevrolet

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    My friends dad asked me to help him with replacing his fuel pump on a 93 half ton. He wants to take off the box to get at it. just wondering if anyone has input to help this procedure go smoother and faster. and tips, storys or step by step instructions would be helpful! thanks
  2. rileyjr16

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    When I replaced my fuel pump 3 freakin times in 3 weeks on my 99 NBS, we (me and 3 others) took the bed off each time.

    All it is *I THINK* is unbolting the fuel filler neck from the bed itself and undoing the 6 bolts I believe (on mine) and lifting up and over the rear tire. From there the fuel pump should be easily accessed.

    Putting it back on is well the reverse. Should go pretty smooth with some willing volunteers maybe 4-6 who are in the 5'10"-6'6" foot height range.
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    The how-to sub-forum is not for requesting how-tos. It's only for completed how-to instructions. Moved to General Tech.
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    The box has 8 bolts holding it on...there gonna be tight/rusted it so i would throw some heat to them...take out the tail lights and disconnect them and pull the wires out...then take out the three bolts that hold the fuel filler neck in and push it threw and take out the bolt thats holding the wire/ground on then are ready to take off the box...2-4 guys can do it pretty easy...once you get it off,wash the top of the tank off so you can see it better cuz gravel and dust will be up there...disconnect what you need to and then remove fuel pump...MAKE SURE NO DIRT/CHUNKS GETS INTO THE TANK...Install new pump and hook everything back up and that should do it...ALSO make sure you check the rear brake lines cuz its ALOT easier to fix them with the box off!...check for other issues while the box is off...GOOD LUCK :great:
  5. ntbush83

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    X2 of what everyone else has said!! Also just a good idea is to tell him that whichever pump he decides to get make sure it comes with a new a new plug and wires because those plugs at your fuel pump are known to burn up pretty easily, just and easy thing that you might as well replace!

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