Replacing Lighting on Suburban. Would u stick with halogen or move to LED? Confused.

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    My project 01 Suburban(will post pics soon) just got some body work done to deal with the rust issues at the bottom of all doors and back lower quarter panels. Also threw on new nerf bars to replace the stock running boards. I will be giving her a full paint job this spring. I'm going for the blackout look so I just grabbed a black billet grill and some in-channel vent visors and now I'm looking to replace the lighting. My goal here is just to get darker(smoked) lighting hardware and upgrade to better quality bulbs. Searching sites like carid I noticed much of the lighting for sale is related to led and the halo look for the headlights so I'm deciding between old school halogen and led.

    {{{Just a quick note I want nothing to do with HID lighting for numerous reasons one being most kits are illegal for street use}}}

    I love these

    Now with these can I just use halogen bulbs or are these specifically for led or HID? I was really just looking for a darker look and to replace my old headlamps but if these halo projectors can use and house regular halogen bulbs I'd be interested,

    Then there is something like this which I'm guessing is the same thing as above but a bit cheaper with added side leds in the headlamp? Would I need to do re-wiring to use the leds that come with this item? If so how and would I also need a new relay or ect???

    Here is what I was originally looking for, standard, cheaper and simple but darker than stock.

    I also want darker taillight housing and would love to go led there, but again I'm reading that one might need to do re-wiring and relays and I'm not sure of the difficulty or if leds are even the way to go in the front or the rear.

    Something like this

    or this

    or this which looks to be non-led

    Would appreciate any info and/or advice from those who know about or have done lighting upgrades. Thanks
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    This subject is also confusing to me. It seems like I can never find the answer. I know that you need to be sure to buy high quality headlight lenses. Some of the cheap ones scatter light horribly. Maybe [MENTION=34858]Enkeiavalanche[/MENTION] can help us out on this one. As far as the in channel window visors go, @EGRUSA now offers a matte black version. I don't know if that is the look that you are going for.
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    From what I gathered last night some LED head and taillights are plug and play but it seems most are not especially with GM and Chevy trucks/SUVs. So some hard wiring needs to be done with most which probably isn't difficult but I've also heard of blinker issues where the blinkers flash very quickly and one needs to replace stock relays, and I've heard of additional wiring work to. I'm not one to shy away from DIY as I have installed stereo systems and do intermediate level mechanical and body work but if I'm paying 200+ for a piece of plastic I want 1-2-3 ease.
    I'm also seeing issues of performance as in some not being powerful enough, whether that be the led bulbs themselves or the housing/lenses they are in IDK. The only reason I would do led is if there is an advantage with them but I am not seeing one. Other than supposed life of bulbs, which is meaningless being most halogen bulbs last 10+ years, I'm really only seeing aesthetic reasons which is all good but I'm just looking for a blackout look rather than a look at me look. Still debating. As for those who do HID I want to strangle those people, very blinding light no matter what the color. Every time I see a pair there is usually a thumping of bass going along with it. Not for me.

    I did go ahead and grab some halogen Anzo black euro taillights as I know I don't want that led look at the rear, and most likely I will go halogen with the head/bumper/fog lights. I wouldn't mind that halo look but I'm not sure if I'm sold on led's in general. Even for house lighting they are a bit funky, I have two in my basement and the cfls give off better light IMO.

    Yep I grabbed those black in-channel EGRs and a black aluminum billet grille. I went with the horizontal billet look, I was tempted to go with the vertical one as it is definitely something I have never seen before but I like horizontal look.

    Wil post back with pics after transformation.

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