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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by HawaiiKid, Nov 12, 2010.

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    So I have a sealed dual 10 inch box with .7 cubic ft worth of room in each box (small size is due to the fact that they are under my backseat of a Silverado), and I am looking to upgrade from my Alpine Type E's. What are some of my options for around 300 or less for me? I came went into a local shop today and priced out a pair of DDs that fit my budget, but after reading some reviews it seems like they don't do well in sealed boxes-is that true? Or would they still sound good with this set up? BTW, its all being powered by a Alpine MRP-M500. Any opinions are welcome.
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    I got my 10w3 for $149.99 shipped to my door. Just my pair of pennies, I am willing to bet not many can find that price unless they have an inside connection. I will be installing my system in my truck today, I have faith I will be more than satisfied with one single 10. For that amp, I agree with the above at running 2 w1's. JL subs love small sealed enclosures (my enclosure is .620 cubic feet)
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    Where did you get yours from?

    I also just saw that crutchfield is having a sale on these:
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    I actually made a mistake, just looked at my invoice and I actually paid 139.95 shipped to my door.

    If you decide on those subs, I would be extra careful on the mounting depth. Those are over 6 inches deep. Not sure the specs of your box, but keep that in mind. I have never had any experience with boston acoustics, so I could not say. I did also have a power precision sub a while back and was happy with that and that was in a small sealed box as well. I just always go back to JL, I love how crisp they are and they can for sure rattle your brain.

    PM sent
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    So I ended up getting a pair of Digital Design 510b's, and right now-THEY SUCK. I asked the guys at the local sounds shop (major shop, great builds-a lil pricey, but amazing setups) about the fact that the sub calls for a lot more airspace than I have, said it wouldn't be a issue. Put them in, and it seems like something is wrong with the system. Pulled the wires and hooked a half blown Alpine Type E to it, more bass in that single that the pair of DDs together. I'm gonna go down tomorrow and see if there is anything they can recommend, or just return them because right now I'm totally unimpressed.
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    One word........ JL Audio....... Enough said.... But I have to say the dd's could have been hooked up wrong..Check the + and - on them...
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    Not quite sure why, but I'm not a fan of JL really...I think its really just a mental prejudice against em because I have seen so many people by JL's because they were some of the most expensive mainstream subs on the market. I took the truck in with the DDs installed, guy checked em said that they were wired fine. I still didnt want em, and he was nice enough to take em back with a $10 restocking fee (amazing cause they were both opened, wires trimed and screwed into my box). He was so nice I bought a pair of Alpine Type R's from the place-he had one in stock, and called 5 places in front of me to find a second one, went and picked it up and called me when he had it-talk about service.

    I installed the Type R's today, and there is a HUGE difference between these and the Type E subs, the sound is much deeper and it hits notes that were "empty" sounding before. Pictures will be up within a hour :)

    Edit-Pictures. You can see how much beefier the Type R is compared to the Type E
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    Ok but how much power do you have going to them? They want about 400-500 Watts each.. If not you will ger distortion and blow them later from it..And they might want more air..
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    My new box should be done today or friday....i went with jl audio 12" W3s in a seventh order box...can't wait. I even went with some plexi glass and LED lights....ya iam fancy now.

    Alpine type r sound good should be happy with those.

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