Replacing Rear Wheel Stud '08 K2500 8-lug with 6.6

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by arby, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. arby

    arby Member

    Looking for confirmation - working on a 2008 GMC 6.6 Duramax K2500 with disk rear disk brakes .

    Need to replace a wheel stud - looks like parking brake leaves no room to install a stud.

    Does the axle have to come out to replace a wheel stud? Which locknut socket do I need? OTC 1929? or other? Will the inner hub seal survive or should it be swapped out (dry now).
  2. the phantom

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    Are you sure theres no "one spot" that will allow you to get one in?? Seems like an awfull lot to just replace a stud. Im not familiar with the rear of 3/4 ton so sorry im no help.
  3. arby

    arby Member

    Thanks for answering. The studs are too long - parking brakes are too close to the back of the flange. I found some info at the Duramax Forum, including the pics below. There's no access left anywhere for installing a stud - and it doesn't look like the parking brakes come apart with the flange in place.

    EDIT - I'm taking the advice below on replacing the seal - pics added

    rotor off.jpg hub & rotor off.jpg assembled.jpg seal & hub.jpg

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  4. tbplus10

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    I helped replace 3 studs on a friends 2009 K2500 a few months back and we couldnt figure out any way to do it without removing the axle, theres no clearance at all.
    We didnt replace the inner hub seal per advice from another friend thats a factory trained GM mechanic, he gave it 90% odds of not being needed, the next weekend we pulled the axle again to replace the seals due to leaking.
    Wont make that mistake again since the seal is cheap insurance against having to redo the job.
  5. Pikey

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    X2 on replacing the seal. You are already there so you should just do it.

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