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    Think you have found a bug or problem with the site?
    If you think you have found a software bug in the website, please report it here by starting a new thread with the PREFIX: "BUG REPORT".
    1. START YOUR OWN THREAD. That is do not add in another issue to the end of a thread on a different topic.
    2. USE A GOOD TITLE. If you are having problems uploading photos, then your Title should be something like "Error uploading photos".
    3. BE DESCRIPTIVE. When discussing your issue please give as much detail as you can. This includes your computer type, operating system and browser.
    4. BE BRIEF AND TO THE POINT. "When uploading a photo this morning I got an error. It said "blah blah error blah". I am running a Dell PC with Windows Vista and the Firefox browser. I got the same error in Google Chrome browser."
    5. DON'T PM YOUR ISSUE. If you are having the issue then chances are that someone else it as well. It's a better use of time to post it one time for everyone instead of 20 times each to different people where no one else can see it in a PM.
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