Reprogramming 07 Tahoe Stereo??

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by ninjasuperstar88, May 1, 2008.

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    Hello there,

    I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I sound like a total newb at everything. I own a '07 Chev Tahoe LT2 Z71 and I recently replaced the factory 6 disc mp3 changer with a Clarion touch screen DVD and navigation unit.

    I have someone interested in buying my old factory stereo but he inquired about a code incase the stereo was locked out and he also wated to know if it would fit the 06 chev impala SS. I called the mechanic that worked on my truck and found out that the wiring harness used for my truck is the GMOS-LAN02 which is the same used on the 06 Impalas and is one of the more common ones so it should have no problem. I also called my Local GM dealer to find out about getting the code for the stereo. The response I got was that they contacted GM and that the factory stereos are programmed to work for my vehicle and my type of vehicle only. So basically only 07 Tahoes would be able to take this stereo. I asked if there was any way to reprogram it or flash out the memory (like a computer) and that way the guy with the Impala would be able to program it for his Vehicle. The response that I am getting from my local GM dealer is that it is Virutally impossible to have these stereos in other vehicles because they are already specifically programmed. The unfortunate thing is that I live in a really isolated area so there are not any auto shops that are familiar with this stuff.

    Is it possible to reprogram these stereos or will this stereo be compatable at all with any other type or is it just for 07 tahoes??? Can anyone suggest something or help me at all?

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    The way things are these days in new vehicles that is probably true that its coded for that truck so that you cant sell it, i would check ebay though, if you find one thats like yours contact the vendor and ask them, maybe you can take it to a circuit city or a custom shop and they have something that can clear it
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    If noone has figured it out yet they will soon!

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