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Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by dadngt, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Ok I'm bad at detailing now. I made a mistake of using a wash cloth to wash my truck and it must have been stiff because I have all the surface scratches that need buffed out. I had some nasty stuff in my front fender and the best thing I had to remove it was a rubbing compound (insert eyeroll) you can imagine how that is. So what I need is a proper lesson on wax detailing. Should I pick up an electric buffer to help out? What's a good wax to make black shine like a diamond? And any other info to restore what I've messed up thanks
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    If you go to Adam's polish website they have video's of how to detail a car. If my memory serves me correct they demonstrate on a new black Camaro. That would be a good place to start.
  3. K15 Blazer Guy

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    you gotta get both a nylon yarn, and foam pad for a buffing wheel. if the scratches are just swirls use the same glazing compound for both pads. after finishing with the foam, wax the whole vehicle. at least 2 times.
    then take photos cause thats the best it will ever look XD lol
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    Wax does not do anything to restore paint. It simply fills the scratches and crevices in the paint with wax, which wears off revealing the scratches, and it doesn't even do a good job of trying to hide scratches.

    Restoring paint by removing scratches must be done with an orbital polisher. Using a DA or RO polisher would take a lifetime to get the scratches out. Having said that, you would have to learn how to use an orbital polisher properly, and you are a long way from that based on your post. If you leave the orbital polisher in one spot too long it will burn all the way to the metal. You use different grades of compound (3M has the best product line for this purpose, and you buy it at your auto body supply store), starting with the abrasive level needed to remove the big scratches, then working your way to less abrasive compound and then polish, then machine glaze, then hand glaze, then you wax it. This is an abbreviated statement to give you an idea of what is necessary.

    Companies like Sonus make products for the bumpkin/typical vehicle owner to use with a RA/DA polisher. These polishers don't burn through paint if you mess up with them. But as I said, they are slow and incapable of removing real serious scratches and they won't heat the clear coat to make it flow out like with an orbital polisher. But for you, if you want to tackle it yourself, a Porter Cable random orbit polisher (see Autopia or Superior Auto Care or Auto Geek or Griot's Garage, all available on line, to buy one). Invest in a complete set of polishing pads for it. Then maybe try using the Sonus line of products, they are pretty good, but they won't do what compounding will do to restore the paint to ultra smooth if you have bad scratching.
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    Definitely an electric buffer can help a lot. There's a lot of videos on youtube that can give you professional tips on how to properly wax and buff your ride.
  6. marksoldtowne

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    hey Dadngt
    follows steps for black car wax:
    1.Find out which type of black paint your car has, and buy a cleaner that is designed specifically for your car's type of paint
    . The different types of paint include acrylic, lacquer, latex, or polyurethane
    2.Wash and dry your black car before you begin waxing
    . A thorough wash and dry is very important to allow the wax to be applied smoothly.
    3.Purchase black car wax
    . Use the wax if your black paint has hairline scratches or other minor blemishes or if it needs its shine restored. Colored wax can restore the shine of fading paint only if the paint is oxidized
    4.Apply black car wax by hand
    . Use a damp terry cloth or cheesecloth, and squeeze or scoop out a small amount of wax on your cloth
    apply the wax with moderate pressure and use circular motion that overlap.wax can get fully worked into scratches
    5Buff out the recently applied wax after it has dried to a glaze
    . This ensures that all the excess wax is removed and the new shine is revealed.
    6.use lamb wool buffing pad to buff an extra dose of look shine Apply in circular motion with moderate pressure.


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