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  1. croach1776

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    This Thread is to chronicle the resurection of a 1996 Silverado, SWB, Ext Cab, 5.7L.

    Short history. Got proceeds from insurance company after wrecking Camry. Was going to buy used 98 Chevy 1/2 plain jane running on propane. But friend told me about
    truck another friend needed to sell. Love at first sight. She had 4" lift in front, 15X8 aluminum rally wheels, goodrich T/As, draw bar hitch, air shocks in rear and PO installed


    PO had cut hole in cab and front of bed to accomadate monster sounds, driver door exterior door handle broken when said sounds were stolen. PO used sheet metal and hundreds (maybe tens) of pop rivets to seal.
    MAFS was shot so check engine light stayed on
    Needed front brakes
    O2 sensors bad
    Muffler bad
    Numerous bulbs and lights in-operative

    Due to flexing, temp cab and bed fix (see above) allowed water inside cab - goodbye carpet

    Drove her without inspection sticker for about a year until finally could afford to fix MAP/Throttle body issues but then $4 a gallon gas cause me to switch to
    cheaper rides - Dodge Intrepid (son wrecked) VW Jetta (got from son when he lost job), now a Motorcycle is used for commutes, etc so she pretty much sat for last two years and only got called to duty when other rides had issues.

    Now due to termination of child support I can finally afford to drive her. There were so many times I was tempted to let her go, but I always knew that I would need a truck and the best
    thing is she is paid for, about the only thing I have that is. So begins a journey that will probably never end but one that so many on this site have taken, are taking or contemplating,

    Let the games begin

    Pros: Things I have done/had done to her:

    KN air filter, dual CATS, had tranny rebuilt, New MAFS, Semi new tires (got from brothernlaw from his truck that Ike swallowed), new fuel pump, new front end, replaced remote hood release
    lever mechanism, both rear brakes complete rebuild/refurbish, replaced front shocks, bought new draw bar with 2" ball. Man she can pull.

    Things that need attention:


    Coolant leak - either from outflow hose or transmission cooler line that connects to top left of radiator
    Power steering pump squeal, either need to flush/remove air or replace
    Tune up - Distro Cap/Rotor, Fuel filter, plugs and wires
    Replace all shocks
    Check front brakes
    Flush cooling system/transmission
    Repair A/C
    Install Headers and all exhaust pipe


    Permanent fix to holes in cab/bed - have them welded
    new carpet
    Recover and repair all front power seats and rear bench
    Repair/repaint/replace all interior plastic
    Fix driver exterior door handle
    Replace center console
    Repair glove box latch
    New headliner and sun shades
    Replace multi/function control arm (CC not working and Haz lite knob broken)
    Fix rear side vent window latch
    Repair A/C and Heater
    Replace rubber window/door seals as necessary

    Fix Tailgate latch
    Remove plastic bedliner and install spray in liner
    Replace Hood liner
    Repair grill
    Paint body
    Paint bumpers.

    Oh yeah, she needs an inspection sticker - had to get both rear brakes fixed, but inspector said all she needs now is wiper blades and bulbs for backup/brake lites on cab.

    ETA - Two years. After that its customization time but that will be another thread.
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  2. rileyjr16

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    My favorite of them all. I had a 97 Cheyenne and my dad had a 92 Sierra and I wish we still had both. Both had 4.3L and the 97 has 242,000 miles and the 92 had 364,376 both on same engine and trans. I cried when these got let go. Good luck, pics soon too.
  3. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Thanks. I posted a pix under the thread Pictures of Chevy C/K Truck models. I think the 88 to 96 run still rules as far as looks, so streamline, a true form follows function statement like the old 60's jaguars; timeless. Definitely need before and after pixs.
  4. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    They look much better than the new trucks in my opinion. Can't kill them old trucks.
  5. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Trucks are like houses; its always better to renovate than to buy a new one and trucks for some reason respond really well to renovation.
  6. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Yesterday got quote on new tire for left rear. Took it in for preinspection and said wipers, 3rd stop light needed replace and tire was marginal.
    Replaced wipers, driver side wouldnt click so had to squeeze hook till it did, had to break all four of the bulbs in the 3rd stop light/cargo light unit to get them out. Wiped some di-lectric grease on new bulbs and they are working. Monday new tire should be in and should be able to get it passed inspection then. Also got the driver side power seat working. Next up replace top radiator hose and hope that stops the leak.
  7. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Today got new BFG A/T for 15X8 wheel and it passed inspection w/o any hits. Of course had to put battery on trickle as I left key on yesterday
    and forgot about the DRL. Started up this morning w/o hitch. Next up coolant leak. I am replacing the self adjusting hose clamp with one
    you can tighten up, if that doesnt help will replace hose, if that doesnt work then looks like a trip to radiator shop.
  8. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Friend is going to help me replace radiator. I was hoping it was leaking due to loose hose clamp, replaced it but still leaking must be from fitting for transmission cooler. Havent seen any quick fixes for this on the site. If I have to yank it to fix it might as well replace with new one and new hoses.
  9. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Well by end of weekend will have replaced second tire on back, will use old one for spare as it is the same as new ones, still has plenty of tread but dry rot has set in. Will also have engine cooling system flushed and radiator flushed. Next up either new rear shocks or replace/repair power steering gear.
  10. croach1776

    croach1776 Member

    Cooling system has been flushed and a new radiator has been installed and pressure tested. Its good to go. Next up new shocks for rear. Have received on suggestion of Rancho gas. Will start to do some research and price.

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