Resurection of Ole 96

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by croach1776, Oct 10, 2011.

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    God aint that the truth. my 94 silverado and the family's 02 ford expedition have about 150,000 miles even on them and the only things that have went out on my truck was the transmission and timing belt. The expedtion has been through complete air ride suspension including the compressor and bags, tons of oil leaks, transmission mounts breaking off, losing lots of bolts. Nothing beats old trucks, thats when trucks were trucks!
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    Ya I agree. About the 70's trucks starting gettting popular with general population and it was the old supply and demand issue. When my dad priced a new truck in the 70's he about had a heart attack. He had to get a basic package, stepside SWB and the only option he got was AC, no radio, etc. And this was after he had driven his dodge into the ground, in fact he sold the dodge to his new son-n-law, and he had to cut the top off because of the rust. We live near the Gulf of Mexico (Galveston Island, Tx) but that ole dodge ran until Alicia got her.
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    Well have another coolant leak. Coming from front of engine, dead center. I am hoping its just the lower hose as it looks like its from the area where it connects to the engine block. Looks like a pretty tight spot.
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    Hi, Croach:

    Wow, I don't know, man. Having bought and sold a few rides in my life, this one definitely sounds like you fell in love with your heart instead of your head. There are a lot of nice specimens out there for sale that wouldn't have all the damage that this one has. Even if you don't care about putting money down a black hole, you could have started a ways higher up the ladder and saved yourself a lot of work.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a 1994 K2500 and I love it. But I have owned it since new. I would not buy a truck that looked like it had been diddled with as much as the one you bought.
  5. croach1776

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    Your probably right. Problem was it was in good shape when I first purhased it but due to financial issues and 4 dollar a gallon gas had to let it sit and problems started as much due to inactivity as poor maintenance. But I have reached point of no-return and financial situation as improved. Also, I prefer the devil I own as oppossed to someone elses. Has good body, excellent drive train and really normal maintenance items for truck with 90K+ But thanks for opinion.
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    Well new leak was water pump. Had them replace that and all the hoses. So far no more leaks - first time in two years. Next up power steering pump and then regular transmission maintenance. Then some interior/exterior work, exterior door handle, new glove box latch and maybe some new sun visors. Then give it a rest and get Jetta issues resolved.
  7. croach1776

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    Okay. Power Steering pump has been replaced and annoying whine is gone but that was masking something vibrating under bed. Probably exhaust pipes. Will get under it next week. Next up transmission service and hopefully a fix for errant speedo. Then a good tuneup. Then attack the suspension.

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