Resynching fobs help.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by RedHoe01, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. RedHoe01

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    Ok, so I tried all the steps in the thread when you hold down the unlock button, turn the ignition to on then off then on then off and the door locks cycle after letting off the unlock button on the door. I can get my tahoe to do that but then when you hold down the lock and unlock button on the keyless remote I cant get that part to cycle the locks and work. Would a remote starter affect this?
  2. RedHoe01

    RedHoe01 Rockstar

    Guess I will just have to go to the dealership and spend the cash. Man I am gonna hate paying them for something small like that.
  3. Tunnelmotor99

    Tunnelmotor99 Rockstar

    Could be a bad remote, I used to replace these about 4x a week when I worked at the dealer. Open up the remote and clean off any crap on the button contacts of the circuit board. Also try a new battery. If it does need new remotes a dealer has to program them with their Tech 2 scanner. I seem to recall a new remote was about $80 plus $20 to program.
  4. zubbiez

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    hows the circuiter

    when I was trying to get my to work I looked all over the web and found out that sometimes the circuits that go to the battery become unsoldered check at the connections. on mine I was able to resolder where the negative power was no longer connected to the circuit board it took all of two seconds and no expense.
  5. RedHoe01

    RedHoe01 Rockstar

    ok, I will check both ideas out. Thanks guys.

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