Retread tires? Has anyone used them?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Kady, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. aloxdaddy99

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    The fleet of semi's we have used to use retread super singles. The life of the retread was shorter than the life of a new tire, so they went back to using new only. They use a Michelin tire also.
    I would not run a retread on my truck. Piece of mind is something you can not put a price tag on. I spent to much money on my truck to put a questionable product like a retread tire on it. I have a heavy right foot so getting a flat at speed is not something I want to deal with.
    Now if I had farm trucks as [MENTION=53003]grampy[/MENTION] does that would be a different story. No highhway speeds and trail use only than it seems like a wise business choice.
  2. tbplus10

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    I used retreads on my 2 off-road trucks, 1 only see's pavement if I'm loading it on the trailer and the other might go about 15-20 miles a month on county roads.
    My triple axle car hauler has had retreads on the rear two axles for about 25K miles. As mentioned before one key to long life of retreads is timely and diligent maintenance, before and during every trip I check tire pressures and ensure all the trailer tires have no damage.
    I didnt even realize I had retreads on the trailer until a post about retreads on here a while back prompted me to look into retreads for another trailer I have, while I was looking at the tires I noticed they were labeled "Retreaded Tire".
    A local retread company offers great deals and warranties on tires, about half the price of new tires.
  3. KyleZ71

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    Just think of it this way, if you ever see a vehicle run over a recap the damage can be quite significant. Now imagine that happening to your vehicle plus the damage to your wheel well area
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    True. I hit a blown tire on the highway one night a couple of years back. When my tire kicked it up under my truck, it hit my oilpan and cracked it, so I had to replace that. Other than that, I was lucky enough for it to not do any significant damage. I imagine a retread blowing in the wheelwell would cause a lot more damage with the wheelwell area.

    So, I'm not sure I'd run retreads on my personal vehicle - or even my work truck. But you can't buy them here for anything other than Semis anyway. If I had a truck, bus, motorhome, etc. that used 22.5" or 24" semi tires I'd probably be ok with running retreads on that. There's just less likelihood for having a problem with balancing, blowing tires, etc. on that type of vehicle than a regular truck.

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