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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Jimmeh, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh New Member

    DiscovererAT3-adj.jpg After having a set of mud terrains made by Dean tire company last me about 65,000 miles, I was tempted to go for another set. However, they weren't the greatest tires in snow, and the road noise drove me nuts! So I decided to opt for some all terrain tires that were not only affordable, but had a nice warranty, looked aggressive and were built by a well known company.

    My tire guy told me that Cooper was introducing the Discoverer AT3, so I did what little research I could do on them, as there wasn't much material on them yet. At $1500 for 5 tires (with a 50,000 mile warranty, plus free tire replacement warranty from the tire store themselves), I will admit that it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was also a step up in tire size (285-70-17). I installed this tires prior to most of our snow melting off and before a couple more smaller storms that would cover the highways enough to give me a good idea of what they could do, and I was very impressed. Snow and ice traction was even better than my studded winter tires, and even on wet asphalt, they grip great with little slippage and seem to stop the truck just as well.

    Off road, they grip to debris extremely well and seem to clean themselves out in mud just as good as the same Dean mud terrains that I had before. about 2000 miles on them now, and while I do have some uneven wear on the front due to my stupidity of forgetting to install my hub rings, it's hardly enough to notice even by touch. A tire rotation and my hub rings installed, and they should be good as new!

    On road, if you don't know what to look for as far as road noise, you would think you were driving on regular street tires. With my head unit on a modest volume, tire roar is non-existant at 65 MPH, and they seem to handle our highways pits, dips and bumps very well. I will admit that they do rub in parking lots when backing out of spaces, but that's thanks to going up to a 33" tall tire with no lift and little back spacing. Towing seems to be fine with them too, though I have not had large loads in my trailer yet to give an accurate review on that.

    Installed on a set of custom alloy wheels, these tires weigh in at a whopping 83.9 pounds each. Remember to lift with your knees and not your back when installing!

    On a all terrain tire scale of 1-10, I would rate these tires at a solid 9. Sure, you can probably find yourself a cheaper set of all terrains, or even spend a little more and even get a better more aggressive set, but for the money, the GREAT warranty and buy a Made in America product, these tires are great value and really are of high quality. I highly recommend them to anybody looking to upgrade.
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  2. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Thanks for the review. I almost got some Coopers recently when I was getting new tires. (Truth is, I ALMOST got a lot of different tires) The primary reason I settled on the Hankooks was because I read multiple reviews comparing them to the BFG T/A KOs, but at half the price. I haven't driven on them yet as I'm out of the country, but my wife loves them. That being said, when I get my lift, I'll be upgrading to 35s and Coopers are on my short list of tires to consider so this review will come in handy. Thanks again.
  3. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 New Member

    I've used hancooks on my drift cars, me and my friends have always said there only good for burning off, I love my coopers I get 50k plus put of them, I still have my old set and they probably have another 15k left on them(pulled em off at 40k on em) coopers are great mileage tires
  4. darkness-lies-

    darkness-lies- New Member

    im rolling on some Cooper Discover ATP they are great. hook up good in just about anything. IMAG0177.jpg
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  5. zogg

    zogg New Member

    I just bought my 09 Silverado 2 weeks ago....had 25K miles on it with Goodyear AT/S tires. Yesterday the left front blew on the hiway, and this morning the right rear was flat....tried to air it up with my compressor and found the sidewall blew out. This is not the first issue I have had with Goodyear OEM tires...they are just crap. And, no, I did not run over anything....when I worked at Sears selling tires, if 10 tires can back due to a defect, rest assured that 8 would be Goodyears.

    I went to to order a set of Toyo Open Country ATs, as I have had three sets of them and loved them. But, they only had three in stock and I want to replace all the crappy Goodyears. The salesman recommended the AT3's and said they have great reviews and are better than the Toyo's. Well, we will see, as I did order them and they should be here tomorrow.

    By the way, I bought four 265/70/17's for $619 shipped. I generally have Walmart mount and balance my ties and they do a great job for about $50.

    I will post the results after I have a couple of thousand miles on them...we have a 5th wheel trailer permanently parked in a camp ground, and a lot of the guys use Coopers and really like them.
  6. dsfloyd

    dsfloyd New Member

    Nice pick on the tires:great:. I am a big fan of cooper tires. I have the Cooper Discoverer ST on my truck and both my cars have the Cooper CS4 on them. If the current wear on my truck tire holds out I should get roughly 48k+ out of them with 4/32 left which would be great since they are a high void AT hybrid. From what I saw of the AT3 they look like they should be great AT tires.
  7. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh New Member

    Just had my tire shop rotate them for me (since I used my he-man-woman-hater strength to torque down the lugs and could not get them off last night). Guys said with 5 tires and the way they are wearing, 55K miles and they should still have a bit of tread left. Since I'll only be running these tires 4 or 5 months out of the year, I am guessing they will last a long time ;)
  8. I'm running a set of Cooper Discoverer ATR's and your review seems to be spot on with my experiences. I'm really happy with the tires and they even saved me once already. A Camry ran me off the road at 55mph over a small snowbank last winter. I had to fight it a bit, but thankfully the truck gripped and pulled back onto the road leaving a wash of snow across three lanes. One of my fist thoughts was, "I'm so glad I got my new tires last week". Anyways great tire, low road noise, and a great look.

    1 (43).jpg 1 (45).jpg
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  9. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 New Member

    My roommates got the atrs and he's going on 55k miles we rotate or tires every month which helped a lot I'm sure but I wouldn't be surprised if he made it to 70k
  10. zogg

    zogg New Member

    WOW!!!! My new AT3's came yesterday morning and I went immediately to Walmart to get them mounted and balanced. One tire actually required NO weight for a perfect balance.

    I drove from Illinois to South County St Louis (About 60 miles each way) and I have never been so impressed with a set of tires. Sooo SMOOTH, QUIET, soft on bumps....I thought I was driving the Escalade I used to have.

    Can't tell yet about wet roads, but it is supposed to rain her tomorrow and I will certainly get them wet. The crappy Goodyears were so stiff and rough, and would spin at an intersection if it even looked like rain!! And, they look really great on the truck...the OWL letters are very nice, not gaudy.

    This was a great choice and all for $619!!!!
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  11. roughcntryrado

    roughcntryrado New Member

    I've been a fan of Coopers for a while i run the STTs on my truck if you can stand te tire noise they're awesome
  12. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh New Member

    I just drove home in a complete down pour about an hour ago. While I wasn't going over about 55 because of the large puddles in the road, the tires and truck handled it great!
  13. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    im gonna try and keep these tires in mind when my truck needs new shoes. wont be a for a long while. those wranglers are mostly new.

  14. BoneHead

    BoneHead New Member

    I've got a set of the Cooper Discoverer ATPs. 265/75R16 on my burban. I did some extensive research before I got these tires, and even though these are not an LT rated tire, the tire rating on these equal the light truck tires. I've got about 2000 miles on them and have been extremely impressed. Not too much off road, just a day at the beach. They performed excellent. I was getting out of places other guys were getting stuck. Sure it helped having the 4wd on and the G80 locker in the rear, but it never felt like I was losing traction. Even through the nasty soft stuff. Road noise is very minimal and street performance feel like a set of street tires. My first set of Coopers, but will definitely purchase another set. Oh, and these were less than $700.
  15. Daryl NHT

    Daryl NHT New Member

    Looks like I'll be getting a set of these for my truck since you guys have alot of good things to say about them.
  16. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    I'd like to see some photos of this if possible. Anyone?
  17. reggiecab2000

    reggiecab2000 Member

    yeah these tires really do wear very well! although i will tell you adding your hub rings will do absolutely NOTHING to improve tire wear, you might have an alignment issue or something else, hub rings only help you to align the wheel before tightening the lug nuts, if they were meant for more than that do you think they would be made out of plastic? lol keep up with the rotations and i have no doubt you will be cranking at least 50k out of them
  18. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

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  19. mattiep11

    mattiep11 New Member

    Had the st's and loved them great on off road.. self cleaning, no hydro plane and worked in the snow... got 65k outta of them on a plow truck that hauled a 20' trailer every day.. cousin had at3 on the f350 and he got 45k same situation plow and trailer every day.. he had no complaints
  20. CountryXJer

    CountryXJer New Member

    OK guys! Any updates on the AT3's? Mileage and towing? Looking at possibly purchasing these for my 97 Yukon that pulls a 6000# travel trailer and rural daily driver. Thanks

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