Audio Review: Lanzar Vector VCTBS8

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    This is my review for the Lanzar Vector VCTBS8.

    My stereo system utilizes factory type full range speakers. 2 in the lower fronts of the doors and 2 on the B post at the back of the cab.

    Purpose: The stereo and speaker combination produces a decent, clear sound. It was lacking in the low end. I was about to engineer the sub from a set of computer speakers by bypassing the AC input section and modifying it to run on 12VDC. Before doing so, I did a search for something already made for my purpose.

    Requirements: Small form factor, powered and cheap.

    I did some research for what I was calling an "Underseat powered subwoofer" on the Internet. I found that there were a few of them by different names. There was one made by Boss, I saw a Kicker unit and a few others. The others all looked identical to the Lanzar unit I ultimately ended up purchasing. the Boss had some bad reviews for reliability and the Kicker unit was about 4 times what I was willing to spend. Of the several identical, but differently branded units, I chose the Lanzar based on price alone.

    The seller (VM Innovations) had it to my door 2 days after I ordered (which was a Saturday) via FedEx. Shipping was included. I was comfortable with this seller since I bought my TView 1/2 DIN DVD/Media player for my van from them.

    Upon arrival, I was a bit surprised in the weight of the box. I opened it up and was again surprised by the weight of the unit inside the box. It appeared to be very well built. It is made with an aluminum body covered in heat sinks from end to end with a nice plastic top which houses the 8" thin form factor speaker. I expected the unit to feel cheaply made, but the reality is that it feels like a very high quality device. It measures 14.5" (including mounting tabs) x 9.5" x 3" and weighs in at a hefty 10.5 pounds. the chrome accents are metal and the speaker grille is amazingly ridgid. I expected the grille to have the feel of the ones that come with cheap speakers. The company logo is screened onto the dust cap of the driver inside, adding that little extra touch. It's built like a brick poop house with aluminum foil toilet paper and a concrete floor!

    Included inside the box was the unit, remote volume control with modular cable (It is a 20' telephone line cord), a high level input connector (for hooking up stereos that don't have a low level RCA out) and all the screws you need to do the job.

    Controls on the unit include 3 adjustable knobs: Input Gain, Bass Boost and Low Pass Filter that will adjust the internal crossover from 50hz to 150hz. It also has a phase shift switch on the face which selects 0 or 180. The unit is advertised as 600 Watts, but a more realistic 85 RMS is indicated in the manual.

    After hooking the unit up and playing with it some, it really is a great unit for the money spent. Frequency response is not flat, however. It is strongest at 125hz and the sound begins to really drop off below 80hz. That's to be expected with an 8" driver. Kick drum hits are solid without distortion at the right levels, while some of the really low lows make their appearance on cue. When mounted directly to the floor, bass can be felt throughout the floor pan.

    Sturdy, well built. Price point. Ease of installation. better than expected sound.

    Weak audio response between 50-83hz.


    The Lanzar Vector is great for what it does. It is not a competition sub by any means but it does deliver a lot of punch for such a compact unit. I could completely see using two of them under the front seats for higher powered or custom applications where interior space is limited. If you are looking for low end enhancement for a factory equivalent stereo system, this is the way to go. It offers clean audio, and at a mere buck-thirteen, it is a great deal! If, on the other hand, you are looking for something that would be good for "Audio Wars" at the gas station or a unit that you can disturb people in their homes with as you drive by, this is not the unit for you.

    I installed this unit sideways under the seat of my 1995 Chevrolet Silverado regular Cab pick up truck. Space was at a premium, but this one fit right in like it was made to go there.

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    :great: Very nice write up...
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    I am glad you let us know how it turned out. As I mentioned in your other thread I was very happy with the set I had in 1989 and even today I run in to guys that have full Lanzar systems that sound excellent.

    I am glad to see you weren't disappointed...
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    It is more than I thought it would be... and I don't really have high expectations. in these times, that is rare! thanks for reading, guys!

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