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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by sgtsjj, Nov 20, 2011.

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    So as some of you guys know im going to school for law enforcement and for extra credit for my intro to law enforcement class we can do a ride along. I decided to request one with the UMDPD, because id actually love to be a campus police officer since i work security at a private college. I learned a lot in the short time that i was with the officer. First was that as its been preached a lot to me being a police officer isnt about driving fast and shooting people, and that second its really up to the officer and how the they are treated if you get a ticket or not. In the 7 traffic stops i was part of he only issued 2 tickets to the actual drivers. One for driving after revocation, and another for no proof of insurance, and having the tabs on the liscense plate expired by 9 months. Which i honestly thought was fair that those two got tickets. the best part is that when my ride along session came to an end, the officer told me to let him know when im getting close to being done with school because if there is an opening on their force the possition is mine. (it helps to personaly know the most senior officer on the force) the ride along was a great experience and i learned alot. The ride along had gotten me really excited to get done with school now lol.

    But on another note, the next day i got pulled over because of my exhaust and got a ticket for not having a muffler (which i didnt know was illegal) and the state trooper that stopped me was very unproffesional in my eyes, im not going to fight the ticket because i know i wont win that one, but i am thinking about going to the patrol head quarters and speaking to a sgt or a LT about the officers behavior and how he handled the stop, what do you guys think, waste of time or do you think it would be benificial for me to try it?
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    What was unprofessional about the trooper's conduct? How could you not know the muffler being removed from your vehicle would be illegal?
  3. sgtsjj

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    the trooper was very aggressive in the way he approached the situation, i understand the fact that when a law enforcement officer walks up to a vehicle you dont know what is there, but that doesnt mean you have to approach the situation with "your gun drawn" i felt as tho he was trying to come up with a reason to pull me out of my truck and put me in cuffs, i never gave him a reason to be, i was polite and respectfull to him because like i said im going to school to become a police officer so i do my best to make their job easier. he never once explained why i got pulled over, he just asked if i had a muffler, which i responded that i didnt think so, i believe the shop took it off when they did my exhaust, he looked under said no it doesnt and came back after going to his squad with a ticket. which doesnt make sense to issue a fine right away instead of a warning or a "fix it ticket" which i intend to put a muffler on it now just not the kind he would want me to have. it also seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder against veterans, he pulled me over for my exhaust when there were vehicle that were obviously going way to fast ahead of me, and this is after i passed him while he was doing another stop 5 miles back and yes i did move over into the other lane to give him room... what confused me the most is when he gave me the ticket he said it wasnt illegal to not have a muffler in MN but it is a federal law, yet there was a state statue on the ticket which i looked up and it states that in the state you need to have a muffler. maybe he was thinking cats? its really hard to explain it this way and not verbally. i just think that the situation could have been handled better esp after being part of so many traffic stops the night before, and yes i did get out of the squad and approached the vehicle with the officer i was with.
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    It sounds like he was going through the motions but communicating with you. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Who knows what is going on in his life, or maybe he is just an *******. Talking with his superiors probably would be a waste of your time. Especially if they already know he is an *******. From an HR perspective, being an ******* is not a disciplinary offense. If it were, I would have lost my job a long time ago.

    This incident was part of your education that required no sign up or credit hours. When you are in a position of authority over the citizens you serve, you need to be on your game all the time. A lesson you obviously did not need since you recognized it for what it was from the beginning. I wonder how this prick would deal with the knuckle heads that text or read while driving? He probably would not notice.
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    Yeah I'd prob let it go. Back in the day my dad had a 55 Chevy and a cop pulled him over for the rear end sitting too high. He claimed my dad's air shocks had too much air in them. He pressed the valve but nothing came out. So the officer called for a second officer to come and measure the car. It sat an inch too high, so he was fined and given a 48 hr notice to lower the car.
  6. GMCErica

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    I am going to post a response to this; As most of you know on here, i am an Officer and I have posted many times about traffic stops, tickets, conduct etc... After doing the job for over 10 years now, and now have worked in two provinces and 4 services, i always like reading about members interactions with law enforcement. I sometimes sit back and shake my head at some of replies, about conduct, tickets, officer behaviour etc... You think the job is easy eh? and we just go into the job and can't react to people violations and misconduct, like we are puppets and robots, who are not allowed to assert our position as someone in authority? You take that as aggressive, instead of educated and assertive.

    We don't know who you are, who is in the vehicle with you, do you have drugs, weapons etc.. when we pull you over, yes we can do a marker search (license) and get information, but we are trained to go home at the end of the day. If that means, acting dominate or assertive to make sure that all parties involved are safe, and we have done our job right, then that is how it goes. I dislike when people use the word aggressive, cause you use it in the wrong context. Do you know how many state troopers get killed a year? Like 15-30 a year. That affects every Officer from USA to Canada, we lose of our own.

    You think that you go on a few ride-along and you know how it goes in the real world? Between the adrenaline, the unknown, Officer Safety issues, the traffic, people etc.. your mind goes 100 miles an hour, and you can barely form one full thought. Everyone says, I did nothing or said nothing to the officer; we are trained on body language, movement, etc... You may have been defensive or said something in his eyes, that made him act assertive. No-one is perfect, Officers are regular people too who make mistakes, but we have our judgement and creditably as great assets to us.

    I was a drug Officer, Conservation Officer, Warden, Criminal Inspector for now 10 years, i can tell you all about the real world of law enforcement.
    How could you not know taking your muffler off your vehicle wouldn't get you pulled over for noise, or violations under your law? Don't most people read their Traffic law for their city, state before doing modifications?
    I am sorry, when you do modifications and changes to your vehicle, you should know the law and follow it, if you don't know ask, research, that is what helps educate you and refrain from getting tickets. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    If you decide to dispute the ticket, don't plead " i didn't know", the justice of the peace/judge will tell you ignorance is no excuse. if that is your first offense, then go see a prosecutor and get it reduced. Or pay the fine or plead not guilty, then either represent yourself or get a lawyer. The Officer will usually show up, and if they are seasoned, respected, and have creditability, and know the law, it is you against them.

    This is no disrespect to you at all, I take my job seriously, and have lost several friends and colleagues to shootings, and incidents. i take slack everyday about code of conduct, being a women Officer; bitchy and all kinds of stuff. etc..I am good at my job, and honestly, I would have pulled you over too for no muffler, and called backed up, and ticketed you too. No-one else knows what went down except you and the Officer, you are only one side of the story, we don't know the other side.

    I know that you are military veteran, but this is nothing like fighting in a war. My family is military, my ex is a Marine, and my friends are active oversees now, I highly doubt the police Officer does not like Military veterans. that is a pretty bold statement to make. We have our own war to fight with drugs, guns, gangs, traffic, etc.. I hope that you do great in school, and graduate and join a force that makes a difference.
  7. sgtsjj

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    granted since i "havent been there done that" yet i cant say i know exactly what it is like to approach a car and you dont know what you are about to encounter, i just dont understand why even tho i was very very complient, and i was very respectful he still had to treat me pretty much like crap. as far as i know i didnt do anything in my body language i may have been a little tense but isnt every one when they get pulled over just a little? i dont know where i said the job was easy, and i do understand the assertive and in control. its just i guess i feel he was a little too assertive that verges on the aggressive side, the one thing that has been stressed over and over again to me by the instructors who during the day are working as police officers is that you dont want to approach every situation "with your gun drawn" attitude, because of how it makes people feel towards police officers, i have had nothing but respect for police ever since i was little, maybe he was a bad egg every department has one, and i dont mean disrespect at all for all officers, and like you said the only two people there were me and him, and of course the dash cam, and being that he did issue a citation im sure the video was kept, and im not going to fight the ticket, i was in the wrong i guess. you are right i should have looked up the laws on vehicles before i had anything done, guess it will be a spendy mistake since i dont even know how much the fine is yet. Erica im sorry if i offended you at all. i know one ride along doesnt make me an expert on traffice stops, i guess all officers handle them differently. i guess ill just let it go and give him the benefit of the doubt. i guess now im just worried about being pulled over by him again before i am able to fix the problem since i dont have the money to fix it.
  8. GMCErica

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    I completely understand about how people feel when they get pulled over or have to deal with an Officer.. i still get nervous when i go to court, after all these years. Different cultures, people see officers in different ways, it is usually negative.. I also know exactly what you were saying about the Officers that come with their "guns drawn" there are different types of Officers; you got the crime fighters, the Civil servants, the look the other way, etc.. I was always taught to take a step back, analyze, asses, plan then assert. the crime fighters are the worst, the world isnt like that anymore, we are educators, civil servants, referees, and community leaders. People like that, have something to prove ,cause they are lacking the communication part of the job. It is sad sometimes, the good turn bad.

    You didnt offend me, trust me...Just know if you post stuff like that, it is gonna start a discussion, or possibly an argument.lol especially from me I take my job seriously, and I when i train my newbies, I want them to know that I have their safety as priority, and that they can be confident in my abilities....You dont have to pay to dispute the ticket, if you lose you will pay the ticket, plus court costs. I am sure that you are were respectful to the Officer, but he may have seen you do something that he thought was disrespectful, and sometimes we have bad days, last week I gave out $1000.00 in tickets...I was in a bad mood and I was on a mission.

    You will find your own style that you like, we have all been the crime fighters, attitude, chest puff one time in our lives, some people just need that...lol Good luck with the ticket...Hope that you do well in school, and enjoy your ride alongs..
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    I learned as a teenager and truck driver to reply with Yes , No and Thankyou
  10. GMCErica

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    I like to deal with people like you; respectful and polite.. makes my job and day easier. thanks

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