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  1. HotWheels

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    Just bought a 2000 Tahoe on Aug 10th and will be taking it on a 7-8 state + 1 province road trip, leaving in a couple days.
    Starting in Vancouver BC, We (my wife & 2 sons) will drive south down the coast and will turn north-east in SanDiego...stopping at Disneyland and Sea World and many other places along the way. We will head over to Vegas & the Grand Canyon then it is up through Utah stopping at the largest dinosaur museum in NA. After that we will clip the south west corner of Id and maybe Montana and it is home again. Hopefully we will have time to catch a couple MLB games too.

    I will post updates when I can.
  2. HotWheels

    HotWheels New Member

    Any suggestions of places to visit along the way?
  3. ChevyFan

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    I grew up in Washington State (Seattle and Spokane) and have made the trip down to California a couple of times. What age are your kids?

    There are tons of things to do, from spending time in Seattle, to the Oregon coast and watching the Sea Lion caves and dune buggying in the sand dunes. You can go to Mt. Rainier or Crater lake. Northern California is nice, so is southern california. Litterally there is something to do every step of the way every day for a year. Just depends of what you like doing.
  4. HotWheels

    HotWheels New Member

    The boys are 1 & 3 yrs old. We will be doing the typical redwoods & Paul Bunyon & Chandalier tree. I am just wondering if there are any more of the classic road trip attractions like the worlds biggest ball of twine and biggest frying pan.
  5. HotWheels

    HotWheels New Member

    I think it's day 3 ...

    First day started @ 2:30 am after a few hrs sleep. Hit the road a few hours later than I wanted to, but thats ok. Just barely missed rush hour traffic in Seattle. We had brunch in Kelso Wa and proceeded to Portland to visit some fam. Left there and drove a little while and stopped at an airplane museum, 1/2 way to Lincoln City, Or. Kept driving till it was dark and camped out at the dunes.

    Day 2 (Saturday)
    The next day we spent a bunch of hours at the beach and the dunes watching the guys (& gals) on their quads and bikes rip up the hills. The boys loved the sand. I tried to make a sled out of the little tikes bike trailer/stroller. It didn't work, but I had to try. We headed towards the Redwoods. On the way we stopped just about every hour for one reason or another...made for a long day. We stopped at the mystery trees and saw the huge statue of Paul Bunyon and his blue ox Babe. <-- anatomically correct blue ox, biggest set of blue ba... nevermind. :roll: Leaving there we had a bit of trouble starting the Tahoe, but after the 3 attemp it started right up. Drove for a few miles and the beast (affectionely named now) started to have some problems getting up the hills, and it did not sound good. It seemed like it was having trouble switching gears on the uphill. If I would give it gas I would hear a clunkity clunk under the tranny hump, my wife says she could feel it under her feet. I pulled over and let it sit for a couple minutes, I than tried to proceed. Long story short, we drove for about 15miles with the hazzard lights on and we decided to camp out and deal with it in the morning.

    Day 3 (Sunday)
    We broke camp early and after packing up the tent and gear and family attempted to start the day... and Tahoe. It would 'take' at first, but it did and we let it idle for a bit. Started heading towards the next dot on the map to hopefully find a Chevy dealer.
    We went into Mckinnlyville (sp) to Opie's Chevy dealer. Well I went in and the sales floor was open but not the service dept. Not surprising on a Sunday. I asked if therre was anyone they could call in and take a look. Sorry they say ... hmmph. We were about to pull out and I sent Nicky (my wife) in to see if they could recommend a shop that might be open. Well, I have to say it is absolutely hillarious how three men will jump when a hot girl walks in, but don't even get out of their chairs from behind the desks to help a guy out. ... won't be going back there ever :lol: Anyways they suggested we head down to Eureka and get a room and wait till Monday. They suggested Eureka because there is more to do here? Well anyways, here we are in Eureka killing 2 days and who knows how much money tomorrow. Hopefully it will be covered under warranty.

    Side note: When I get home I will defenately be going into the service department of Duecks on Marine and giving them a heap load of sh*t. Nicky brought the truck in there 3 days before we left to take a look at stereo and the servoce 4wd light. They didn't even lift the hood. They leaned into the truck and said, 'well the lights not on now, must be okay.' I can tell you, that light has come on 4 times in the past couple days.

    Anyways will update again when I am near a keyboard. Fell free to comment on any thing above, except derogatory comments about the hot girl ... my wife. :twisted: :wink:
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Wow, sorry to hear about the breakdown. That stinks. :-(

    The town was probably McMinnville? My company has a client around that part of the state. Decent liberal-arts college there as well.

    Hopefully they'll get your rig fixed up and get you back on the road. I broke down once about 60 miles north of Sacramento, a place called Williams. It was 3 am and I crashed at a motel until about 3 PM and the vehicle was fixed and only cost me $100 for a fuel pump and labor. Crainers's auto I think it was called.
  7. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    The 2000 Tahoe, it had an extended warranty on it? How many miles on it?
  8. HotWheels

    HotWheels New Member


    Day 4 (Monday)

    Well I called Northwood Chevy Sunday night to give James Retta a heads up that we will be coming in and would like to get on the road asap. We packed up bright and early and brought the beast into the dealership. I spoke with James (service manager) and he said he will have a look and will hopefully have it running for us in a couple hours, depending what the problem was. So I unladed the mountain bikes and the boys' trailer and we went off into the foggy morning with no clue as to what was around.
    We rode around along the boardwalk and said hello to some very interesting transients...hck they are travellers too. Anyways a couple hours went by and we decided to head back to the dealership. Went in and they said it was ready and all it was was a clogged fuel filter ... $100 fwew. So we than came to the conclusion that we pumped enpugh of our money into the Eureka economy and went on our merry way. :wink:

    Ripping along the 101 and going at a great pace. Saw a bunch of Goldwingers from Alberta and followed them for a bit. Passed a nasty accident involving a head on. Paramedics were stabalizing a young man, lady and looking a small baby that was still in the car seat but on the side of the road. I realy hope everyone is doing well and pulls through. This makes our adventure seem minor and makes us very thankful for alot of everything.

    We drove for about an hour and just passed Weott Ca. And no sooner as I was coming up with a sarcastic critism of how 'we-otta-keep-going' the beast rears its stuttering head. It was hesitating and I pulled over next to marker 101-HUM beside a call box aswell. Truck ... dead! Wouldn't start. We got on our cell phones and called James and he said come back. :shock: OKay .... but .. it.. won't.. start. Anyways we called back to a town called Fortuna. They have a dealership. We called 'Clyde's towing' and Clyde himself came out in his flat deck to pick us up and take us to Timberland Chevy located in the sleepy hollow of Fortuna California. It was 3:pm when we pulled in and they took a look and said it was the fuel pump...667 ephin dollars! and they won't get the part till mid morning Tuesday ":roll: okay we have no choice." I said, "but check our extended warranty. They'll check it in the morning. We called Brian McLean Chevy who we bought the Tahoe from and they (Brian) told us to have Timberland call him and he will deal with it. I have to say ... If that is not someone who stands behind their product and someone who beleives in customer service, I don't know what is.

    At any rate, here we are staying at the Best Western in Fortuna on day 4, when we should be at the Colorado-San Fran game after having a lobster dinner at fishermans wharf with a couple of friends that flew down for a romantic week in Napa Valley. Oh well keep positive for the kids I always say. :D
  9. HotWheels

    HotWheels New Member

    OH yah, Extended warranty? yes. It was a lease return and we bought it from a dealership. They give you an option of power train warranty. I am hoping this is part of that warranty due to the fact that it has no power .;) Timberland is calling around to find out if it is covered.

    And the school I believe is called Humbolt.
  10. ChevyFan

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    Well, it's a trip that you wont forget, that's for sure. Like I said, I broke down due to a bad fuel pump as well, that part of the country seems to eat up fuel pumps!

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