Road Trip!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by XS ive, Mar 27, 2010.

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    A short one compared to others I'm sure. Leaving from the eastern end of LI, NY and headed toward Kiawah Island SC. GPS is telling me 711 miles from door to door, but I have the trusty Rand McNally Road Atlas on standby. :glasses:
    I spent 4 hours detailing the XS ive Silverado and will be heading south at 0300 early Sunday. Truck is cleaner than brand new clean and ready to roll. Half the fun will be driving there! :great:
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    Have a good trip and drive safe.... And since you just washed yours you wanna come wash mine for me??? :glasses:
  3. XS ive

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    Thanks. I plan on a nice steady roll southbound.
    As soon as I get the Zymol from under my fingernails I'll be right over!
    Holy crap, I mean, I love my truck but, there sure seemed to be a lot of her to detail! I'm glad I did the interior yesterday! :gasp:
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    Sounds like a nice trip. Enjoy!
  6. XS ive

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    Road trip report

    Okay, I'm back home. Here's what I found after 2000 miles in my 2008 XS ive Silverado CC LTZ Southern Comfort truck. The first 1k took 14 hours with stops. The return took 2 extra due to traffic from Richmond to DC.

    1)-She didn't stay clean for long.
    I used some Armorall tire foam and let it set for about 12 hours before departing thinking it would absorb. It still sprayed all over the truck. Bugs love to crash into shiney stuff, and detailing is a sure way to make it rain! :grrrrrr:
    2)-Gas mileage wasn't what I hoped it would be.
    Going down we had a headwind the whole way. Cruise set at 73 (gps) with tach just under 2k. 14.4mpg. Return trip I didn't use cruise as much(frikken traffic) and pulled 15.1 at 75 and 2k rpm. Jennabear will be getting an email soon.
    3)-I need to fix the trim around the windshield, they make a lot of noise at higher speeds.
    4)-GPS does NOT know how to navigate AROUND Washington DC.(and the wife isn't that good with a Road Atlas)
    Pennsylvania Avenue is nice this time of year...

    The good stuff.
    1)-My XS ive Silverado is by far the most comfortable truck I have ever travelled in.
    Family of 4, (kids 8,14) and plenty of room.
    2)-XM radio.
    No static, no commercials.
    3)-Smooth riding.
    With a 6" lift and 35's I felt like I was driving a hovercraft. Watching over vehicles hit dips and bumps in the road was comical. I actually held onto wheel the first few times only to realize I was overreacting. 4)-Sounds
    The tires and dual exhaust were in chorus and created a nice low hum similar to flying.

    All in all the drive was among, if not the most enjoyable I have ever been on. The trip was good, but the traffic north of Richmond back through DC sucked.
    I love my truck. Now I need to give her a bath!
  7. murdog94

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    Well glad it was a good trip. and yeah milage is never what it should be.... Oh bugs for sure like shiny things... have fun cleaning.

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