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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by lalink72, Mar 1, 2014.

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    My son bought and put on a Rochester Quadrajet Carb(Model#17084208) on my 1984 Chevy c20(350 5.7L). And it hasn't run right sense. I'm not sure what he has done to it and i'm trying to get it running right. 1st question:After some investigation, i found that the carb he got was for an automatic transmission and the truck has a 3-speed manual transmission. Can I still use the carb? 2nd question: He took all the emission stuff off the truck(because it's now a classic so emission tests are different). I need to know what BASIC vacuum lines i need for this carb and a diagram if possible. Also need to know what ports I use and which ones I block off on this model carburetor. I am a just a dad trying to get this truck running again,so I can drive it. I have very little mechanic knowledge and any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
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    I don't know the specifics about the numbers on the carbs but I can still rebuild a Rottenchester in my sleep! If you could post a pic. I can help you out! 1) it don't really matter ,auto or manual, it can be made to work! 2) it don't really matter about the emissions as long as the vucuum advance still works!
    Pics would really help. I need to see if the adjustment ports are open, if the back butterflys are tight, and if he has the right spacer under it! That would give us a good place to start!
    Hey, welcome to the club!
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    First i really appreciate the response. I have a vacuum diagram for the truck(for automatic and manual transmission)problem is they both have all the connections ,as if al the emission stuff was still on it. And i don't know what half the stuff is and if it;s even still on the truck. The truck will not have the emission stuff on it anyway,so I'm hoping to just find out what needs to hooked up for the truck to run right with out all that stuff. The Rochester Quadrajaet has so many ports on i don't know which is which and i can't seem to find a diagram of carburetor ports and what they are. Here are some pics of what i've got.

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