Rocker Pod Giveaway - Cargo Step Storage for your Truck

Discussion in 'Ultimate Truck Gear' started by ChevyFan, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. 95CTburb19

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    When my friend restored his wrangler we went down to a rhino liner dealer to get a quote to do the entire thing. They literally laughed at us. They said the thing would weigh so much afterward and cost so much to do that it would just be stupid. And a burb has like twice the surface area as a wrangler.
  2. Doberman

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    YES YES YES!!! The Rocker Pods come with two plugs located at the bottom. If you like you can put Ice in them and your choice of beverage (Remember drinking and driving is stupid and NOT cool, but the Rocker Pods are cool especially with ice in them). As for the Rhino Liner, we are working closely with a local Linex shop and can offer the Rocker Pods coated on the ends and on the bottom if requested. Also the aluminum checker plate surfaces can be Linex coated if requested.....Man you guys are way ahead of me, LOL!!

    Thanks, :happy:
  3. Springthing

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    I think our minds and imagination are to blame. Imaginations and future vision working quicker than you, Doberman.. lol

    Just in case you haven't heard it enough - thank you so much for doing the give-away! This kicks total butt!
  4. Doberman

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    Thanks Steven, I think it's gona be a win for us also. The guys at the shop are in for some hard work to choose a winner among so many cool rides :great:
  5. Springthing

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    Tell them not to pick anything yet! Still working on getting my entry in! LOL

    I'm rushing as much as I can!!

    Let me call UPS again to see where my stuff is so I can get things installed and pictures taken!
  6. zachh1020

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    I entered by PM as well.
  7. skivhere

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    I am planning on lining my 'burb about half way down the side then painting the whole thing black. ANOTHER shopping cart got the side yesterday...that would solve that problem!! I was also planning on doing the running boards, but the pods would look cooler!!

    I guess I will make this my official entry as well, so here goes.
    The rid is a '97 K1500. Mostly stock except I have an intake on it and have removed the chrome & rubber trim from the sides. It also has the newer style suburban rims on it...looked better and couldn't resist the deal! I would like to get about 4" of life and 33 -35 AT tires. I don't do mud or rock, but sand is a must. The pods would be awesome since it would give me a place to put things like the air compressor and some other tools so the dog has more room in the back!! I also want to line the sides and bumpers, or make my own bumpers. Either way the truck plan is to be a bit tougher and still be a daily driver/ family hauler/ trip monger!

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  8. poncho08

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    Putting in a lift in my truck nexet month so I have a better chance in winning. Lol don't know found a 7.5 inch lift for it last night.
  9. TRPLXL2

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    I would love a set of these rocker pods for my truck, It is a show truck it does not go off-road. I can honestly say that I have the most diamondplate on this website on one vehicle, I love one off items like these. I have never been a follower in the truck market, and I think my truck represents that. A lot of people thing my truck is too much, which I appreciate their opinion but these would look awesome on my truck. The black box would match my truck, and the diamondplate tread would go with my diamondplate tonneau cover. I love the fact that they mount to the cab mounts, I hate to drill into the body for anything. I am definately able to put these on, I have installed everything on my truck by myself that didn't come from the dealer. I am willing to sacrifice my full length stainless steel step bars for these rocker pods to take there place, that's a $1,200 set of Iron Cross steps from Putco that will be wrapped in foam and stored in the garage. Anyways thanks for offering those to the members, honestly I hope Dwill gets them because they would put his truck over the top!:great:
  10. ChevyFan

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    Keep the entries coming in people, this will end soon!

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