Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by freddie, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. freddie

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    Does anyone know anything about the roll n lock tonneau cover? Or know someone who has one? If so, how is it and how do they like?

    website about it:

    youtube video: [ame=""]YouTube - Roll-N-Lock Works for Everyone[/ame]
  2. Project1

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    its cool my dad has in on his silverado but it leaks a little bit on the tracks so stuff will stay semi dry but if your like me and have tools in your bed the whole time its no good tools will get rusty he keeps his stuff in rubber made bins. but its secure and tough! oh and the lock thing gets super hot after sitting in the sun like i have to take my shirt off and use it to open the lock lol.
  3. silveradotrailblazer

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    Roll N Lock tonneau cover

    Its a great unit for security but like other tonneaus ther not water tight, but keep most water out. Alot depends on the installer. They are better than the other roll up covers (jack rabbit by Pace). If you have or add a tailgate lock with the roll up you have a pretty secure bed. I like the fact that if you need to haul something big you can just roll it up. If you take care of it per the Roll N Lock manual you will have many years of good service from it. If you install yourself just take you time and follow instruction.
  4. Shooter

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    how does it hold up to having a foot or so of heavy snow sitting on the top of it in the winter time? just wondering is all, I live in WNY. It looks like a great cover, but I dont see how it would hold up the weight is all??
  5. Scratch

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    RollNLock is a pretty good cover, it's made of vinyl laminated aluminum. You can put about 200 pounds on it max. Unlike other covers, it has a tailgate piece that must be installed. The vinyl will fade badly if you don't keep a protectorant on it. The bed divider shown in the video is optional, it does not come with the cover automatically.

    Probably the strongest retractable on the market is TruckCoversUSA. It's made of black powdercoated double walled aluminum. It can hold about 500 pounds. It's more expensive than the RollNLock.


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  6. Shooter

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    Looks like the one to go with.

    That one looks much heaver duty than the other one. I contacted them for a price on one of their roll up covers. I do like the remote on the first one, but when you live where it can snow up to 3 feet at a time you have to consider how much weight it will hold, as well as looks.
    Thank you VERY MUCH for letting me know about this cover, it looks like it is a top end item and the way to go for me.:great:
  7. Scratch

    Scratch Rockstar

    Glad to help. Here's more info on the TCUSA cover:

    Water drains in between the slats (the slats are sealed underneath with some sort of Teflon tape). From there the water drains to the side rails where a water channel take the water to one of four drain tubes. There are two drain tubes in the front and two drain tubes in the rear. (Most covers have only two tubes in the front.) You wil have to drill two 1.25" holes in the truck at the rear. The cover comes with two grommets to install in the holes so that it looks nice.

    That info is very different from other covers.
  8. Shooter

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    Yep..thats the one I am going to get for sure. Thanks.
    I found two reps in my area that sell them, they both quoted me about the same price, but I found a place on line where I can save almost $400 on the whole set up if I install it myself. The locals were charging me between $50 and $100 for the installation. I would just as soon pay one of the guys in our body shop the cash and have them install it for me as they have the right paint and more importantly the right primers to keep the holes that have to be cut in the bed from ever rusting. At least with them doing it I will know it is done right, maybe even a little OVER DONE :) And I know the kind of work they do, so I think that is the way I am going to go. WHen I get one installed I will take some pics of it and post them.
    Thanks again for the advice!! I am VERY grateful to you!!
  9. suede

    suede New Member

    This may be a touch off topic, but does anyone know who makes a tonneau cover like these that rolls out of a tool box?

    I seen one on a dodge dakota the other day, but that was the first time i have ever seen one
  10. Scratch

    Scratch Rockstar

    TruckCoversUSA makes one. Actually, the cover is not inside the toolbox, but it does appear that way.

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