Rough Country 2" leveling kit... gone WRONG!

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    RMC_SS_LDO Rockstar

    Well, I opted to install a RC leveling kit on my new 2010 Silverado...

    Got the kit in and the installation seemed pretty straight forward. I didn't completely disconnect the steering arm or the sway bar with no ill effects.

    I got the spacer in place on the driver side with a little persuasion and installed the hardware hand tight. As I reviewed the installation instructions, they make no mention of the torque specs for the new hardware, nor do they indicate what the other fasteners are supposed to be torqued to...

    Trying to be cautions, I call RC to inquire. The rep I spoke to seemed helpful and after some fiddeling around, he stated the hardware should be torqued to 77 ft/lbs. Seemed a bit excessive, but I wanted to check...

    Next thing I know, the bolt is spinning freely in the nylox nut, breaking free at about 50 ft/lbs! Won't come out, won't tighten; Now I'm pissed more that words can really express... Threw a few tools, cussed quite a bit, kicked my poor dog, smoked a few cigarettes and had a stiff drink....

    I call RC back and the rep I spoke to (different guy) put me on hold then came back and said it should be 32 ft/lbs! Just a little variation!!!

    Well, an hour later, 2 Dremel cutting wheels, 2 trips by my wife to Advance Auto for new grade 8 hardware and a tremendous amount of cussing, all is well. The kit does an excellent job of leveling the truck out and I am looking forward to putting some 33" tires under it at some point.

    Only concerns I have now are what the steering arm and the hardware for the sway bar are supposed to be torqued to. I set the way bar hardware at about 18 ft/lbs and the steering arm at somewhere around 37, but that was a guess based on values I found with various searches.

    Last, I don't know how far off the front end alignment is now, but I will get it in next week to check and tweak it if needed.

    Overall (other than the initial a$$-hat I spoke to at RC) I am quite pleased...


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  2. mfleetwood

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    Sorry you had some problems but I'm glad to see you got them worked out and are pleased with the results....and definitely a good idea getting an alignment. Post some pics soon!!
  3. silveradotrailblazer

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    Sorry about the problems, glad you got it fixed. RC's tech line has alway left alot to desire so its not just you. Years ago that was one of the reasons we stop selling/installing there products.
  4. Bigbomber

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    Glad you got it all figured out and X2 on the wheel alignment.
  5. Vincennes02261897

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    After all of my years in computer support and computer hardware configuration, I've found that there is always SOMETHING that will go wrong. Especially with Windows based computers. I'm starting to feel like it's the same story with vehicle mechanics. Again, sorry about the problems you had. I'm glad that you're happy with it in the end.
  6. florida boy

    florida boy New Member

    put up the pics im looking at doing the same lift. and what tires are you going to run? can you also put the part number you ordered
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    RMC_SS_LDO Rockstar

    Sorry for the delay in response, duty called and was out of touch for a bit!

    I did have the chance to get an alignment done- glad I did. It was much farther out of spec than I would have guessed!

    I don't recall what the p/n was for the kit, but it was pretty easy going thru RC directly. I gave them a call and told them the year/make/model and it was no problem.

    I will swap tires down the road a little due to funding (and no NEED for tires yet). We also have a 2008 Tahoe Z71 with identical wheels so I intend to swap those wheels/tires to the truck when they need replacing. If I were buying tires today, I think the Goodyear DuraTrac in 275/70/18 is what I'd go with. Just a shade over 33", semi-aggressive tread pattern, good snow rating (I'm heading back to New England this summer) and pretty solid reviews overall. I have seen a few others that looked promising that offered wider sizes (thinking 295-305), but I figure the 275 should help prevent rubbing with the steering wheel in the locks and will get better highway mileage than the wider options. I say that, but I really don't know what I'd pick if the same tires were there side-by-side and had to choose between the 275/70/18 and the 295/65/18 based SOLELY on looks....



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