Rough Country or Rancho need help

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by dmaiden38, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. dmaiden38

    dmaiden38 New Member

    I am looking at lifting my 2011 silverado I am looking at either the 4inch rancho or 5 inch rough country. I was planning on running 315/70/17 tires. I want to know which lift is better as far as ride and quality of the kit. I want the pro and cons of each would be helpful. Thanks Daniel
  2. lancer

    lancer Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    i had the 6" rough country series II kit on my old 2006 with 315x70x17 bfg all terrains and it went on quick and easy and rode great. was really happy with it and the service i got from them. i've just put the same kit on my 93 so i'm kinda parshall to rough country..........
  3. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Can't go wrong with Rancho, top quality. Check out mfleetwood on this site, he has installed on his NBS truck with 315's.
  4. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    X2 on checking out mfleetwood's ride.Ive heard nothing but good things from Rancho and Rough Country but have never had either on my truck.
  5. MPC-Silverado

    MPC-Silverado Rockstar 3 Years 100 Posts

    both brands make very very nice lift kits. however i am a Rough Country dealer so you know what im going to say lol. But to be fully honest i run rough country kits on my 2 trucks i am currently driving and love it! i have had rough country on a couple older trucks of mine 2. must of my budies run with rough country and i have installed a huge number of these kits and never had a problem or an upset customer.

    If you deside to go with rough country i let members on this site get a deal so contact me when your ready!
  6. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Thanks Guys!! As always, the comments are much appreciated. Here is the link STB mentions above. I explain why I ended up going with Rancho. I've never worked with a RC, but I have heard good things about them too.
  7. florida boy

    florida boy New Member

    when you get yours done post up some pics
  8. dmaiden38

    dmaiden38 New Member

    I have decided to do keys in the front and a 3inch body lift and maybe a add a leaf so i am looking at 5/4 lift with 315/70/17. Hopefully by first of the year i will have pics.

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