Rough Idle/ Service Stabilitrak/ Service Traction Control

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Mobill, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Mobill

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    Hello all I have a 2009 Silverado 1500 LT 5.3 with 93K and she's been acting up the last couple of weeks. The check engine light came on throwing code p0305 which is a misfire in cylinder 5. Bought new plugs and will be putting those in tonight. The code could also be the coil pack or the injector but figured we'd start cheap and work our way up. Then one day I had it in drive while I was waiting on the kids to get out of school and the following service messages popped up: Stabilitrak off, traction control off, service stabilitrack, service traction control. As soon as these popped up the truck started idling really rough. Once I put in in drive and started going again the messages went away. It is now happening every time it is in park and idling. Could the plug/coil pack/injector issues be causing all of this as well? I've read that this is common with throttle body problems but those are usually accompanied by a "reduce engine power" message and then the truck cutting off while driving. The truck also needs new brakes all around and new rotors on the front so could that be the issue? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer!!
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    My truck is a 2002 5.3L. I had a misfire in cylinder # 3 and it was a loose injector connector. You might check that on cylinder 5 while you are at it. I don't know if that will cause a TC or Stabilitrac issue.
  3. Mobill

    Mobill New Member

    Just changed out the plugs and none of them looked too bad so I have a feeling we're gonna have to go down to the injector. I'll be sure to check the connection before replacing! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. RayVoy

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  5. Mobill

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    Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not quite sure what you mean by "service bulletin". I went to pg. 3 of the thread and saw a post within the thread that said one of the members had the work done under warranty but they weren't sure whether it was a 75K or 100K mile warranty. I purchased the vehicle used in October of 2012 so I didn't figure the warranties would transfer but when I set up an account at it says that the warranty is still good so I'll be headed to the dealership tomorrow to have it looked at for sure! Thanks so much for your post because I hadn't even considered the possibility of this being covered by a warranty!
  6. RayVoy

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    Sorry, it is a document issued by GM and sent to their service departments. It is actually a Technical Service Bullrtin, usually referred to as a TSB. A TSB will provide a list of vehicles effected and a step by step procedure to resolve the problem.

    When you go back to my link, look at post #93 (it just dawned on me, your page three might be different from my page three, as we can change the number of posts per page). Here is a second link to the TSB

    I have the same problem with my truck, I have an appointment to have it fixed on Wed. The SA told they would change the sensor first and if that does not solve the problem, they would change the throttle body.
  7. Mobill

    Mobill New Member

    You, my friend, are AWESOME! If I weren't a married woman I'd kiss you square on the mouth!!! So glad that I'm not going to have to spend all that extra money! If only this covered the injector issue too!
  8. RayVoy

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    Hey, that's just a formality, we're all friends here, haha. Seriously though, I hope that is the "Reduces engine power" problem your having.

    The mis-fire on #5 could be a coil pack, GM packs don't seem to have a long live. Try swapping the #5 coil with the #3 coil and see if the problem moves with the coil to #3. If it does, it's the coil.

    Ya know, before I'd swap the coils, I'd take a close look at the high voltage wire from the #5 coil to the #5 plug. If the wire is damaged, it could be the problem. If the wire looks good, swap the coils.

    BTW, the plugs were due for a change, so when you get the other two problems fixed, you'll probably find the new plugs are giving a little better performance.

    Oh, and the plugs are numbered from the front driver's side corner. The odd numbers on the driver's side, even on the passenger.

  9. Mobill

    Mobill New Member

    HA! Didn't even think to swap the coils first! All of the wires look good so I'll swap the coils first before dropping that $90 simply to find it's the injector! I haven't gotten the reduce engine power message yet but everything else is the exact same symptom wise so it's probably only a matter of time. I even lost power driving yesterday which is the newest symptom so hopefully I can get it in the shop before it stalls out on me with all 4 kids in tow! Thanks again for all of the info and suggestions! The last Chevy truck I owned was an '85 Suburban with a 454 so going from a carburetor to all of this new computer crap has been a real pain in my neck! Having to relearn almost everything!
  10. RayVoy

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    I think I'd fix the mis-fire first, they (GM) might use it as an excuses to charge you for the sensor problem.

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