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  1. BigE

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    Hey Guys,

    I have a question regarding my 2003 Suburban. It seems to idle rough here in PHX with the AC on, the engine starts to shake a little and feels like it is going to die. Without AC on it runs fine, I also noticed some buzzing and occasional flapping noises when running about 20-30 MPH when the AC is on. At other speeds it seems fine and these noises do not occur when the AC is off.

    I think it is about time for a tune up so maybe this will help with the rough idling? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  2. ct9a

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    Welcome to the site! I moved your thread to the Tech section, you should get more replies.
  3. daddytech

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    try running it with just the fan no ac and see if you still hear the buzzing and flapping noise. these trucks are notorious for the fan motors going out on them and they usually go out slowly (happened with my wife's 98 suburban) hers wound up really making a lot of noise before i got around to changing it out for her. before it was changed it wound up making the most god awful squealing you've ever heard the rear ac would work fine but the front fan had issues. of course hers never bogged down the truck while the ac was on either so you may have a combination of issues.
  4. BigE

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    thanks for the info. I will reply if I figure out what this is.

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