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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by tigersdl65, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. tigersdl65

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    Hi guys! My 96 silverado has started having problems this week. When I stop at a light or a sign the idle gets down around 500 rpm and the truck starts to shake. It won't choke down when you get on the gas but it won't immediatley take off like normal either, and after it goes from a stop it i fine, there is no problem as long as you aren't on the brakes at a stop. When I shift to neutral it smooths out but if i shift to reverse it is just as bad, and in park it is sometimes shakey and at low rpm. The truck had done this once before for about 30 minutes every time I would stop but I thought nothing of it since it stopped. Its at 115,000 miles by the way.

    Any thoughts on a diagnosis and solutions to this problem?
    if you need anymore explanation just ask.
  2. dpeter

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    You may have a leaking power booster or vacume line to it if it coincides with using the brake at idle.
  3. tigersdl65

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    It was the vacuum hose.
  4. dpeter

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    Just gotta like the easy ones. Thanks for letting us know what the problem was.

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