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  1. 6camaro9

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    my 01 burb started acting up where it was running rough with a low idle. i did a search on the internet and
    found a solution that the throttle body needed cleaning. i did a cleaning of it and my burb ran great for
    several weeks, fast forward to last night. it start acting up again running with a low idle and notice that
    the odometer and radio display started flickering. took it to the dealership the next morning and to my
    surprise it wasn't doing it, still went to the dealership. they tell me that the throttle body and injectors
    need cleaning, along with a new computer program (for low idle) to the sum of $350. i'm not so sure their
    solution is the correct one. anybody have any other ideas?

  2. 6camaro9

    6camaro9 New Member

    well that was a waste of money. i picked up the burb and drove to a store about 10 mins away.
    i park and notice that the odometer display was flickering again but it was running okay. i leave
    the store after about 15 mins and drove across the parking lot to a restaurant, notice the burb
    was acting the same way before i took it to the dealership. i tried to lock the burb with the keyless
    and it wouldn't lock or do anything. i open the door and no interior lights came on. i started burb
    and turn it off, then the keyless entry lock ok. i call the dealership and told them that it was not
    fixed, they told me to bring it back in the next morning. i decided after dinner to take to dealership
    and leave it overnight. when driving to the dealership, it was running as good. i think i have an
    electrical gremlin. any thoughts?

  3. unplugged

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    Yes, your problem sounds like it is electrical. Simple stuff first. Clean the battery terminals. The side post terminals can be a pain causing intermittent power troubles like yours. Also check for good engine to chassis ground. There should be ground straps from the engine block to the frame. They are usually down near the frame. Uninsulated braided cables with ring terminals, like these:

    Great article on installing a ground wire kit:


    What is a "Ground Wire" kit?:
    A newly found modification that works on nearly any car. A groundwire kit typically consists of about 5 wires which you connect to various places under the hood to improve the ground connections. These wires are basically 1400-1700 strand, 99.9% copper car audio power wires with 24k gold-plated ring terminals.
    How does this benefit my car?:
    More strands of wire translates into less resistance which translates to more effeciency. And with the thicker wires, you also ensure your power-hungry components are grounded as best as possible. With more effecient grounds, your engine will see less parasitic loss via the electrical system. Most new cars still come with barely adequate ground cable's and usually consit of 8-10 gauge cables made of less effecient material. These cables often have only 200-500 strands.

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