Rough transmission... shifting in lower gears

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by GatorFan6908, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. GatorFan6908

    GatorFan6908 Member

    Alright... brand new 2010 Silverado Crew Cab 5.3L z71 4x4.... have a lot of red light driving between home and work. When accelerating slowly from a stop, there is a hard shift between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It is the new 6 spd xmission. I have never owned a brand new truck before and am curious if this is normal... will it wear in and go away (1234 miles as of lunchtime today).... or is it something I should have looked at soon? Just looking for some insight from someone who may have experienced the same issue, or someone who just knows about this type of problem. I know that my previous '03 Silverado has the same issue, but I just figured it was the 136k miles giving me the fit. Any insight is appreciated!:gasp:

    MANBEARPIG New Member

    Definitely go back to the dealer if under warranty. I have not had the pleasure of working on the new six speed but in the five speeds it was pretty common problem. The over drive gets stuck. (I dont know the exact specs because i would always just pull the trans, send it to gm and they would give me a new one)
  3. GatorFan6908

    GatorFan6908 Member

    Yea... that is what I was afraid of. Kind of a catch 22, whether I want them ripping into the xmission or just just see how it pans out in the future... It is under warrantee, purchase the Platinum Plus just for a piece of mind. In this case, it definitely helps!
  4. GM Customer Service

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    I would have to agree here. I would recommend taking the vehicle into your local dealership to be diagnosed. They should be able to assist you further and have a plan for addressing the issue. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  5. GatorFan6908

    GatorFan6908 Member

    Will do.. it's definitely under warrantee... so I am just going to take it in and have it looked at. I can even see the tach "jumping" up and down slightly when accellerating from a red light. Passengers don't feel it, but I feel it through the pedal as opposed to the accelleration speed.
  6. brentsmith36

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    I have the same gm customer support and get a case file started. That's what I did. The dealer lubed the rear end with no solution to the problem. I should have purchased another brand! The transmission guy said that this was common and I would have to deal with it. 40k cash makes me feel a little sick!! I want some satisfaction! I am going to call and go to the dealer everday until they are sick of me!! Good luck! Brent.

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