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    I recently purchased an '02 Suburban in which the previous owners had installed an aftermarket overhead DVD console. The unit fits in well and I thought it was an OEM option until the salesmen told me otherwise. The player sits under the middle seat and all of the wires between the two units are well hidden.

    The only thing I don't particularly like about it is that the unit shuts off as soon as you turn the vehicle off and I hate the way that it takes about 5 minutes to restart a DVD and get it cued back to the proper scene due to the fact that you have to go through all of the obligitory FBI warnings, intros, trailers, etc before you can even think about entering the scene selection mode. If you are just stopping for a quick fuel stop or something and want to keep the DVD going, this becomes a real pain.

    Would it be easy to find the circuit that feeds the radio power and route that to the DVD player? I would guess that at the very least I would have to run this to the under-seat player and probably also the overhead unit as I think they both shut off when the engine is turned off. If I could shut the engine off and turn the key to the run position without killing power to the DVD player it should work fine. If I don't turn the key to the run position the power to the DVD should kill once I open the door like it does with the radio so the battery doesn't get drained which is good.

    I've never routed wires through a headliner before so I'm not sure how difficult that would be. I also have a sunroof which may complicate matters. At the very least I would like to run the line to power the underseat DVD player. It wouldn't be quite so bad to have to push the on-button on the overhead screen after it has lost power.

    Also, I'm curious. For the factory installed DVD players, do they operate how I want mine to?

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