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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by MTPockets, Dec 21, 2009.

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    OK, I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado with the 6.0L under the hood. Question is, what RPM should the engine idle at? Right now it will hover around 500 rpm, but every so often the engine will stumble while I'm sitting at say a red light and drop below 500 rpm. When it does drop below 500 rpm it's not that far, we'll say around 485 (just guessing because the gage increments and decrements in 500 rpm stages). I hope all of this makes sense.
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    it stumbles as in feels like its misfiring? if its real noticable i would start using that wonderful warranty you have and get that baby looked at lol. its you dont feel anything major i wouldnt worry unless it gets worse. usually something like this would be caused by a plug going bad or something really small and easy. minor maintenance things.
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    Alright I'm not a mechanic, but how many miles are on your truck? Not many by the looks of it, but yeah if it's under warranty have them look at it, the TECH 2 is a wonderful thing when you don't have to pay for it. I just had this exact same problem with my S-10 with 54,000 miles, and I had a tune up done on it and it runs like glass now and the idles sits level now. Compared to before when mine would also fluctuate when I came to a stop or idling, hope you get it figured out! :glasses:
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    do you use your truck for mainly short trips or does it get a chance to go for some nice long runs? it could be a build up of carbon in the engine and without increased flow (more RPM's) might be disrupting pressures
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    I took my truck into the dealer to have them look at it. They said they re-flashed it (I forget what they called it) and that it runs nice and smooth. They said there was a bulletin for that problem.
    When I went to pick it up it felt like it was fixed but when I drove down the road a little ways and I stopped at the light it started to stumble again. Now it feels worse than it did before. The truck is new enough that I didn't think there would be problems. However, if it was used and having these problems I would check the plugs/wires and coil packs just to start, then move to the fuel system.
    So any other thoughts on this problem? Also where does the RPM needle stay at on NNBS once the truck has warmed up?

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