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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 18BKLR, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. 18BKLR

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    I realize the chevy tick tick has been beat to death. So here is one to make you think a little. I have an 06 silver with 40000 miles on it. Runs strong, pulls great, rides nice. Great vehicle. Recently i have noticed a knock or tick coming in at 2000 to 2500 rpm's. Anything before is fine anything after is fine. Seems to have some kind of a small vibration a tad under 2000 then the tick starts. I was thinking exhaust or something small like that. Took it to dealership, nothing found. They checked for exhaust leaks, checked flywheel, all of the simple stuff. Nothing found. (I am currently out of town so it will go to my hometown dealership when I get home. can't let them rip her open here or I won't get home for a while.) Anyway, strange sound happening at a strange point in the rpm range. You can go down the highway and she purrs like a sweet kitty, you punch it and you get around 2000 to 2500 and tick tick tick. Any thoughts.....
  2. 18BKLR

    18BKLR New Member

    Anyone have a thought??
  3. JMoney02

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    Is this a "Tick Tick" like a valve or lifter tick? That type of sound? Could be a lifter that has a issue with pumping up in this RPM range and then it fills and goes to town after? Vibration, hows the harmonic balancer? Does it look like the two halfs are in line with each other? I mean the seal between the two halfs and they are not offset or out of alignment? Well, this is one of those that are great to try and find and diagnose, hope to hear about the outcome.....

  4. mrfixdit

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    Does this happen in neutral, and in every gear, even reverse?
  5. 18BKLR

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    I do have it in all gears. Forward and reverse as well as neutral. You put the truck in park, rev to 2 grand and away she goes. Seems like it is pretty mechanical. I would think a lifter we would hear all the time. Even in the higher range. When you are going through the gears it will go through the r's in first pretty fast so you do not get a chance to hear it then when she drops back down to 2nd and you sit her at 2000 to 2500 tick tick tick. I will be heading home here this week and as soon as I get there it will go right to the dealership. They are either going to fix the tick or put a new motor in it. I am not going to put up with the service manager BS. You know we do have rights as owners. It has to be something mechanical and internal. I was under it with the tech at the dealership in the town I am in and I could not find anything loose or anything. Things that make you go hummm..
  6. mrfixdit

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    gm tick

    Check the belt for separation of plys or a flap. You would probably hear a belt problem at any RPM but you never know with centifugal forces, its worth a quick check.
  7. 18BKLR

    18BKLR New Member

    I will check the belt. That is a good idea. I just can't figure why the noise is present in that range and if it is internal and if it is something that is somewhat of a major problem then why is my power not effected at all and why at low rpm and idle it's good and at hight rpm running it hard no sound. . . This one is a strange one. No codes or anything. Internal knock or smack would throw a code with the knock sensor circuit correct... Who knows. .
  8. phoebeisis

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    I know that others have mentioned that the earlier 99 to maybe 2002 5.3 s had some sort of tick slap sound that drove people crazy. I seem to remember reading that it was because carbon built up above the compression ring because it"was too low on the piston." It wasn't getting exposed to enough heat so mixture than made it there would sort of condense out and slowly form carbon.The GM cure was to raise the rings on later 5.3's.

    I have no idea if this is the correct explanation of this problem, but this was the most plausible thing I read. I think GM cured it around 2003? but not sure on that.

    I doubt this is your problem, but worth a thought. On the bright side the problem didn't hurt the longevity of the motors, but pissed a lot of owners off since it sounded 'bad" like piston slap was what I read-not so much a ticking noise.

  9. jchambers849

    jchambers849 Member

    Rod bearing going perhaps? I had a tick tick at about the same RPM's in any gear in a Dodge Dakota. It was diagnosed as a rod bearing spun... I was told it would last either 10 miles or 100,000 miles... I traded it a few days later.
  10. 18BKLR

    18BKLR New Member

    Update. Took her to the dealership and they say it is coming from the valve train. Just curious to know if I should push for a new motor here under warranty or what. They are going to tear it down and see if it is a lifter or if it is a valve or what. I am just not to sure if I want them in there and then I have to turn around and be satisified with what they did. And if it is a lifter or a valve what else is jacked up in there. Anyway, that is the update anyone that has an opinion let me know. Is this what GM does, tear it apart and fix it or should they be pulling the motor and replacing that. . .

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