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    I recently tuned my 2002 silverado with a brand new 5.3 crate motor about 1500 miles,my question is what rpm is best on the 1-2 shift at wot. It shifted stock at 5500 rpms I added another 200 rpm's so it shifts at 5700 rpm's seems to like it better but am I safe? This tune was done with a superchips flashpaq for all the critics of superchips it made a HUGE difference in performance mode also running stainless shorty headers flowmaster muffler(not sure which one but at wot it's LOUD) and a kn cold air intake. I also added 20 psi line pressure to try and firm up the sloppy 1-2 shift it did help but still far from a "firm" shift. I guess I'm spoiled with my mark viii which will roast 2nd gear!!
  2. stephan

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    5700 RPM shifts sound good to me, but what do I know? The 5.7s are good at 6,000 with the stock valve springs, but I don't know about the 5.3s. I would check in your owners manual & see if it gives guidelines, or check on the Generals website. I wouldn't tell them you super chiped it, just ask what RPMs it can stand during shifts since it's not like you're going to be running it up there all day long.
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    I've had my WOT shift at 5,800 for over five years (85,000 plus miles) and it seems to like it.
  4. taxidriver20

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    Mine absolutly loves 5700 rpm's gotta be careful tho only 1300 miles on the motor, the first 900 were pretty mellow changed oil to synthetic ran the tuner program now let the fun begin!!! What is the generals website??

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