RPO codes?

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  1. 1BadSierra2011

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    I looked in my glove box in my truck today, and theres a z71, and a z82 code in there. So does that mean its a z71 orrrr? Thanks!
  2. Conlan Rose

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    Z82 is heavy duty trailering equipment and when a truck also has z71 it has nothing to do with the suspension.
  3. 1BadSierra2011

    1BadSierra2011 Member 1 Year

    I was just wondering mainly because he put camo 4x4 stickers on it and if it is a z71 i want to put the factory sticker back on. Didnt want to if it wasnt a z71

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Next to the Z71 SUSPENSION "OFF-ROAD"PACKAGE, there is also the Z71 APPEARANCE PACKAGE.....and Here are the Other....Z-SUSPENSION PACKAGES, and the Features/Items that Come with Them...

    Z71....SUSPENSION “OFF-ROAD" PACKAGE ....Delivers Enhanced Off-Road Capability;.....Features, 18" x 8" Aluminum Wheels, P265/65R 18" All-Terrain, Black-Wall tires 46mm Shocks, Off-Road Jounce Bumpers and a 36mm Front Stabilizer Bar; the Package also includes a Skid Plate, Heavy-Duty Air Cleaner and Z71 Decals on the Rear Fenders

    Z71.....APPEARANCE PACKAGE....18" x 8" Aluminum Wheels, P265/65R 18" All-Terrain, Black-Wall tires, Fog lamps, Body-Colored outside Mirrors and Door Handles, Unique Z71 Decals, Sill-Plates and Instrument Cluster, Chrome Recovery Hooks, Rancho Front and Rear Shocks, Body-Colored Front Bumper/Lower Fascia with Smooth Surface, Body-Colored Grille with Unique Chrome Mesh Insert.

    Z82.....TOW/TRAILER EQUIPMENT, HD.....Includes Trailer Hitch Platform. 7 Wire Harness, K47 High Capacity Air Cleaner, (KNP) Cooling External Transmission Cooler

    Z83.....CHASSIS PACKAGE, SOLID SMOOTH RIDE....Delivers a Solid, Smooth Ride with 35mm-Piston, Twin-Tube Shocks and a 32mm Front Stabilizer Bar

    Z85.....CHASSIS PACKAGE, HIGH PAYLOAD FIRM RIDE....Designed for Enhanced Handling and Trailer Towing, with 35mm-Piston, Mono-Tube Shocks and a 36mm Front Stabilizer Bar

    ZW7.....CHASSIS PACKAGE PREMIUM SMOOTH RIDE.....This Suspension uses a Conventional Suspension in the Front, but the Rear uses a Self Contained, Self Leveling Nivomat Shock in the Rear. ZW7 Equipped Trucks come with a Softer Spring in the Rear Since the Nivomat Self Leveling System Does Some of the Work or Holding the Truck Up.

    ...Z55....CHASSIS/SUSPENSION AUTORIDE PACKAGE.....This Suspension System uses Electronic Shocks in the Front that Automatically Adjusts to Road Conditions, becoming Stiffer or Softer as Necessary. The Rear will Use an Electronically Controlled Self Leveling Air Shock that is Monitored by Ride Height Sensors and Inflated Remotely from an On-Board Air Compressor.

    ...Z60 – Designed for Maximum Street Performance and Offered Wîth 20in" Wheels, as Well as Monotube Front and Rear Shocks

    ...K5L...Heavy Duty Trailering Cooling Package.....This Package Includes, (KNP) Auxiliary External Transmission Oil Cooler, (KC4) External Engine Oil Cooler, Power Steering Cooler, Increased Capacity Radiator and Cooling Fans and (NQH) Transfer Case, Active, 2-Speed.

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