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  1. nabisco_12

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    whats the input on rubberized under coating? i have heard mixed things like it soaks the water in and keeps it there? i want to hit some areas on my truck and try to protect some metal.....
  2. aloxdaddy99

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    What I have heard is you must ensure the area you are doing must be dry. If not it will lock the moisture in and of course start to rust that spot out. In the spring or late winter I am going to get my wheel wells done as well as the bed. I am going to get them lineX'd.
  3. TimTom64b

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    I'd go with eastwoods heavy duty rust proofing... It's not rubberized... But hardens more to a wax like coating that's supposed to be self healing.. I put on my truck this fall... took two quarts to do the entire underside. I haven't run it winter yet but so far I'm very happy with it... Leaves a nice flat black underside similar to the rubberized coating.
  4. j cat

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    I have been using rusfre 1013-1 a brush on mineral based fiber reinforced black asphalt material . comes in a gallon size. I thin to apply the material with paint thinner. put on a few coats rather than one heavy coat. did the wheel wells in 2001. product does stand up to the winter road slop quite good.

    the problem with these spray cans of undercoating. over time these products crack. not flexible like rusfre.

    brush on rusfree material can be washed off with thinners. I have used this on the rusting out designed GM fuel/brake lines with good success.

    with the OEM waxed based rustproofing on the frame this is a defective product . poor adhesion to the metal. as this product fails it holds corrosive chemicals causing hidden metal damage.

    I just had the crossmember replaced on my 2000 silverado. after this was done the bed removed I scraped off all that defective GM waxed based rust proofing material. then applied the rusfre to the complete frame.

    as I was scraping this waxed material it was indeed hiding the rusting. not any more!

    - - - Updated - - -

    remove the chrome bumpers and use on the back side to prevent rust damage. my 13 yr old bumps still look good.

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  5. nabisco_12

    nabisco_12 Member

    well i wanted something i can get local today will b the last nice day here
  6. j cat

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    I got my product at the local auto body store.

    I just gave that internet info for info purposes only !

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