rubbing when loaded !

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    I am the proud posessor of two totally restored Suburbans (1990,1986)...I have noticed with the 1990 GMC 2500 that when I put lumber in the back and try to back up an incline, something on the drive train rubs on the sheet metal of the body. It sounds like the springs are worn out...I got the truck from the cadillac dealer in Miami and I guess they hauled lots of weight with it. If I got the shocks with the springs wrapped around the outside...would that correct it ? Or do I need to replace the springs ? I notice "lift kits" offered that an acceptable option ? I plan on towing my 25' fishing boat with this truck, so I need it to be able to handle the tongue weight. How can I determine what the ideal tongue weight should be for something like this ? Is tongue weight the same for all trailers or does it vary. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    The guy that I bought my '86 from let the salesman talk him into a 411 rear end when he ordered it brand new...the salesman told him he would need that for towing. It has so much torque that it can give you whiplash when you jab the gas and then let it go ! The gas mileage on that one is really terrible.

    artie in miami
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    You may just need to replace the springs or the spring hanger bushings. Load it up good with weight and crawl under it looking for touching/rubbing parts.

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