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    So today i drove the equinox around town quite a fair deal. by the end of the day late at night there was a very distinct and audible rumbling/groaning sort of noise coming from the front center area under my car.

    It was raining all day today, and the only other times this has happend before have been in torrential downpours. so im pretty positive whatever it is is caused by water?

    At first i thought it had something to do with the engine/intake-exhaust however when i open my window to listen if i can hear it better outside while driving i cannot, and when i parked in the garage and gave her some gas to see if i could hear the rumbling in the quiet of the garage i heard nothing.

    so since i only heard it while driving it leads me to believe i has to be something with the tranny/axle/tires.(?)

    im assuming someone else has to have encountered something similar. (seems like most people have with the 'nox).

    any info would help. only info i could find was possibly water into the manifold?
  2. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    Took it to my trusty GM place today. Stated it was a malfunctioning EGR valve and a leaking pipe.

    fair enough. i bought it. came back home and checked out some info online.

    Turns out the 'leaky' pipe is COMPLETELY cracked and corroded in half!

    crazy. cracked in half due to corrosion. gunna cost round 300 for the parts to replace. may do it myself and save me some money. if its not done the car wont pass inspection, and
  3. 05-burb_td

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    Does this only occur when in heavy rain? Mine (05) does the same thing.
    What pipe is cracked and is this a safety hazard (exhaust leakage into the car)?
    What was your final result. Were you able to fix it yourself or did you let the shop do it?
  4. Pikey

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    How many miles are on it? Doesn't GM have to cover exhaust components for an extended period? My wife's 08 torrent makes some terrible noises when it is cold or raining. The dealer has replaced motor mounts twice and a trans mount. The noise goes away for a few months and then returns. We take it in, they put new mounts on and all is good. (until it is out of warranty and my issue :gasp: )
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