Running board fell off 1997 Suburban 1500

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    After seeing that my driver side running board had fallen off ,it appears that the running board brackets are intact and the board fell off the 3 support arms .

    Upon inspection , I suspect that each support arm secured 2 bolts , all of which rusted /sheared and each end had screws to secure the ends from flapping .
    The running board appears to be molded fiberglas , no structural metal was seen .

    Questions :
    what was the OEM method to secure the running board to the support arms ?

    Was there a hex nut imbedded in the fiberglas ?
    My boards have a rubber traction pad glued over the top of the board . When I peel back the traction pad , I do not see any hex nuts remaining in the running board .

    I thought that 6 bolts would pass through the running board and receive a locknut underneath . My concern is that this would cause a protrusion above the running board ( the hex head bolt would stick out and interfere with the traction pad ).
    Perhaps there was a hex nut imbedded in the running board and the bolt passed upward from underneath ?? Just don't know .

    Would like to drill out the remains of the sheared off/ rusted bolt remaining in the original salvaged running board and then re-tap threads for new bolts .
    What is the correct OEM bolt size ? OEM hex nut size ?
    It appears to be a simple nut/bolt application except for the lack of structural steel within the fiberglas running board . Fender washers may help prevent crushing the fiberglas but they would create a bump in the top side .

    Anyone experienced this repair so the top side does not have a bulge ?
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  3. stilllearning6

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    TexasEdIi I appreciate your input.
    The site provided a schematic which duplicated my knowledge base .
    That still keeps me wondering how the OEM method of securing the running board to the existing factory installed 3 steel brackets was accomplished .
    Perhaps someone is out there who has done this .
    I am trying to understand if there had been some steel hex nuts imbedded in the fiberglas and which way the steel bolts were pointing.

    The vehicle is a hundred miles away and I can't even try to disassemble the other side as a guide , not considering the wet , slushy snow and ice and the probably fully rusted condition of the other side . The other side may disintegrate if I were to tamper with it.

    Thanks anyway . Your efforts were excellent in finding a replacement part .
  4. stilllearning6

    stilllearning6 Rockstar

    After attempting to drill out any hidden rusted /sheared off bolt stubs that may have been contained in the running board underside , I learned that the running was merely plywood planking covered with epoxy / fiberglas.

    The running board had no structural metal imbedded in it .
    The original construction appeared to be wood screws attached from the underside pointing upward into wood .
    Over the years , the wood got wet, the wood softened and got spongy , the wood screws disappeared .
    Resolution : drilled through the planking and inserted 5/16 bolts , wide washers , lock washers , hex nuts . Countersunk the hex head bolts , wide 7/8 inch washers.
    Then, covered the top side with silicone caulking and covered all with the glued on traction pad to hide all.

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