Rust on frame???

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 08bowtie, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. 08bowtie

    08bowtie New Member

    So is rust on the frame and other parts under the truck normal after only a year and a half????:grrrrrr:

    Just want to be sure this is where the extra holes are pre drilled in the frame etc.
  2. daddytech

    daddytech New Member

    no actually it's not normal. you should have had some kind of protective coating on the undercarriage to prevent that, it'll all eventually have rust on it but on a brand new truck you shouldn't have it for a while yet.
  3. 08bowtie

    08bowtie New Member

    yeah I have the black under coating on there but where the holes are it is rusty :grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr:, maybe I should take it to the stealer and see what they say :rofl:
  4. tattooed4life

    tattooed4life New Member

    Take it in, it should have been undercoated from factory and as new as it is there's no way it should be rusting by now.
  5. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog New Member

    Little more info on the climate its in do they salt the roads? that forms surface rust right away but regardless the surface has been effected and i dont think your gunna stop this monster by covering it after the fact
  6. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    i know this has been brought up before on newer vehicles, you will have to go back to the dealership. Document this very well as they will start the run around with you, also GM has always had a different warranty for the rust on the vehicle, its actually better then the bumer to bumper warranty. i had a 94 sunbird that got rust on the seem under the door and in the doglegs, the car had over 80,000 miles when this appeared and the warranty covered it. And i know my brothers 01 sily has the warranty along with my 99 burban. if you have a really good body shop in your area take it to them for a free inspection, the can also help to push GM to get it corrected, not to mention we live in MN and body shops see this alot soe they have more experieance in dealing with warranty issues
  7. 2ToNe04

    2ToNe04 New Member

    maybe they didnt get some of that undercoating in the holes.

    take it in, its worth a try.
  8. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

    its probably just surface rust and not have time to take care of this... i have it too but i live in CT where they do salt the roads ... even when they say they use "magic salt"... magic salt my A$$
  9. 08bowtie

    08bowtie New Member

    :lol:Yeah I will take it in when I get time but the salt here is horrible too and the truck came from Wisconsin where they use it just as much as Minnesota I am sure, if not more....:grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr: and maybe the clown that owned it before I did never went to the car wash in the winter:shocked::shocked::slap: any way......I will have to look into what they have to say:rofl:

    Will let you know when I get time to get in......
  10. daddytech

    daddytech New Member

    it is majic salt... it majically makes your vehicle rust to pieces years before it should. lol

    yeah the rust on the truck in question her is probably just surface rust and can be sanded, sealed and coated properly this time with no return of the rust again in the near future, they all rust but it's sad that this one has in just a year and a half.

    my 99 tahoe only has very very light surface rust and it's over 10 years old. now my 89 has rust on it too but it's all light surface rust. granted I live in TN but on the rare occasion it snows here they salt the roads here too, I just always run to the car wash for a heavy detailed under carriage cleaning immedately after everything is dried and off of the roads again.
    I just wish GM would finally learn how to paint a vehicle so that the paint would stay on for more than 10 years.
  11. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

    it happens... i have a little bit of surface rust on my 08 silverado frame... i reallly should get it taken care of...
  12. akpride49

    akpride49 New Member

    rust spots

    I have an 07 late body style silverado and i live up in alaska where they salt the roads and the climate isnt very fogiving to the truck and i have the underbody coating and i also have rust in the holes. perfectly normal
  13. rmagni

    rmagni New Member

    I have an 08 and noticed that the rail under the bed where the frame and bed meet is rusted, like the machine sprayed and did not fully coat the rail, rather than mess with the dealer I am going to sand all the rust off and put a rust encapsulating coating over it and then 3m undercoat it. If I go to the dealer I get excuses, I dont like excuses, so I will save using them except for the big stuff.

  14. 08bowtie

    08bowtie New Member

    How much is that going to cost :great:
  15. rmagni

    rmagni New Member

    This is what I use. From the Eastwood company good stuff.

    Rust Encapsulator

    Only $ 22.99

    Stop rust in its tracks!
    • It's easy to use. Just remove any loose rust and wax, oil or grease. Then brush it on (if you prefer, thin with lacquer thinner and spray)
    • It seals and stops rust from spreading. Use over or under body fillers
    • Rust Encapsulator is a great primer for floor pans and other under-body parts. It fills tiny pin-holes and surface irregularities, and is compatible with lacquer, enamel and urethane top coats (including Eastwood Chassis Black)
    • For the absolute ultimate rust remedy, first brush or spray on Eastwood Rust Converter, then prime with Rust Encapsulator
    • Available in black, red, silver and gray
    As Seen On My Classic Car TV Show

    Be the first to review this product
    Select Size *Choose option...16 Ounce AerosolQuartGallonCase of 12 AerosolsCase of 12 Quarts
  16. kendonhank

    kendonhank New Member

    GM Frame Corrosion

    Hi GM corrosion victims,

    I am currently suing GM for extensive corrosion to the undercarriage of my 2005 Silverado. Suit goes to court next month. The truck started rusting badly after about a year and the entire undercarriage is corroded.

    I spent months with the dealerships and southeast regional GM decison makers. They claimed they do not cover corrosion caused by the environment, including moisture and salt in the air. It is bogus and I will win in court. You should hear some of the double talk I got in the legal depositions.

    I may try to organize a class action against them after I win my suit. Contact me of you are interested.

    Note that GM added exclusions for road salt and sea air to its 2007 warranty, but the warranty is still bogus.

    Note that GM considers undercoating to be unnecessary and in fact voids your corrosion warranty.

  17. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    if you live in a area where it snows, and they salt the road, their is hardly anything you/gm can do to keep the truck from rusting, its not their falt, you shouldn't be suing gm, you should be suing your state for covering the roads in salt, thus causing rust. personally, i think any manufacture would do the same thing for that same problem
  18. Henchman

    Henchman New Member

    Semper Fi Marine! You know, I noticed the same thing on my 07. Have you taken a look at the motor lately. I've seen a lot of rust in the motor compartment. I thought about getting under the trund with some CLP and a wire brush and busting rust!
  19. kendonhank

    kendonhank New Member

    GM undercarriage corrosion

    I live in coastal FL and the truck has never been on salted roads. It started to rust significantly after a year. GM says it's because of the salt air, but I owned a minivan during the same period and it was parked right next to and used the same way as the truck. It had no corrosion.

    Bottom line is, if the factory properly coats and protects the metals, they will resist corrosion for years.
    Corrosion cannot occur unless water, oxygen and salt reach the bare metal.

    No vehicle should have substantial corrosion on the undercarriage after a year. I am from the Northeast, and I have seen trucks that are 15 years old that have been driven on salt roads, never garaged or washed, and used to plow roads in the winter, and they have very little corrosion.

    I have friends in FL that back their trucks into salt water to launch boats and have no corrosion.

    Of course the manufacturers will deny warranty coverage and blame it on salt, when really it is a coating failure. They know that the average person cannot afford to hold them accountable.

    After I win my lawsuit, you will see a flood of similar claims.
  20. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    i still dont think you will win, you shouldn't really worry about it as long as its not deep in the metal, and your supposed to have the frame re coated at the dealer after so many miles any ways. my frame has no rust on it, and it doesn't rain or snow here, you still have rain to deal with

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