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  1. doubt_me_now

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    i just debadged my truck when i took the passenger side molding off it was nothing but rust underneath from the begining of th door all the way to the bed there was no indication of the rust before i took it off iv never done body work and i want to learn so can any body tell me the best way to tackling this little problem ill post pics tomarrow to give everybody a better idea of what im talking about also is there anyone near me that can weld cab corners in for a decent price
  2. Paul M

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    I was thinking of replacing the side moldings on my "89 Silverado. I am in AZ but I believe the previous owner (PO) had it up in Wyoming. It had a lot of surface rust underneath. So now I wonder what I am going to see under these moldings.
  3. eBigRich

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    how did you remove the moldings?
  4. trenchwarfare

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    I removed my moldings by prying the end off, them pulling it off the opposite way with my weight. After the suburban's molding was off, I scraped off the foam with a blade. I don't think the rust will be too bad as the foam will be protecting it.
  5. Doug C.

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    How long do you want to keep your truck ? If like me, forever, do what I just did, bought real clean southern doors from a salvage yard . Next option, go online to and get the lower door skins and inner panels(I promise if the outer panel is that bad, the inner lip is shot too) I was a body man for 18 yrs. thru 70s & 80s in Pa. I'll never trust a rusty part to do anything but rust more. I even fixed my doors with the LMC panels first, but the idea that they were rusty parts bothered me,knowing that they would only last a few years, so I searched out the replacement doors.
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