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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Patrick S, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Patrick S

    Patrick S New Member

    I'm fixing my truck up and making it look nice again. Its a 1997 k2500. I replaced all the body panels on it and I'm going to replace the box soon. Anyways, I was underneath cleaning the rust off of my frame and coating it with the bed coating when i discovered the crossmember between the cab and the box was half eaten away where it connects to the frame. One of the straps for the fuel tank hangs on this crossmember. I am wondering where i can buy a replacement crossmember. The rest of my frame is still thick and there are no rust holes anywhere else on it. Right now, it wont pass inspection with the crossmember in that condition. I only have 110,000 miles on the truck and would like to keep it on the road. Here is a picture from below on the passengers side. 0711111601.jpg
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  2. Bigg Ron

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    I'm thinking that the crossmember is most likely riveted in. yes you could replace it, however I'm not sure if you could purchase a new one, most likely will have to find it in a salvage yard.
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    I think LMC or GMpartsdirect should have it...
  4. nytro2288

    nytro2288 New Member

    What about having a new piece fabbed? I wonder if that would be cost effective if you can't locate a good replacement. I wouldn't think it would be too complicated at all for a good metal man.
  5. Patrick S

    Patrick S New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I found the crossmember at for $128. Im going to be replacing it within a week or two when my new box that I ordered from ohio comes in. Once I get that replaced. Im getting it undercoated with a tar like undercoating from Line X of buffalo.
  6. Patrick S

    Patrick S New Member

    I found one on gmpartsdirect for $128. I will be replacing it when my new box comes from ohio within the next two weeks.

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