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    So for a while I have owned ONE+ tools from Ryobi and all I can say is they are the toughest and best tools out there for what they cost. I will review each after the product’s name. Ryobi tools in my opinion are the greatest on earth; any ONE+ battery can power any ONE+ tool no matter how old or new. The system has over 50+ tools spanning 20 years so ONE+ owners never need to throw out their old tools when new ones come out they just keep adding to their collection. Also unlike other brands out there Ryobi offers both Ni-cad and Lithium-Ion batteries to power tools and chargers that can charge both.
    No matter where I go I always have some of my tools with me, currently in college I have my Impact wrench, Auto shift drill, 2 chargers, radio,flashlight, lantern, vacuum, and reciprocating saw. I take deep pride that I could pretty much build a house out of the back of my truck if I was supplied with the materials, a table saw, and miter saw. The best thing about this tool system is never having to worry if I have the right batteries because all ONE+ batteries work with all ONE+ tools.
    I will slowly add the tools I own from the ONE+ system. If you look at my albums I have posted pictures of all the tools.

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    I'm going to start off with posting my review of the batteries and chargers I own.

    The Batteries
    IMG_20130526_221720_109.jpg IMG_20130523_144021_574.jpg
    P102 18V ONE+™ Compact Lithium-Ion Battery: Ryobi’s second gen Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is pretty much the P103 with a different case that makes the battery super cheap to make while still providing great power. These batteries are priced closer to the NiCad prices to give people a more viable and cost effective way to switch to Lithium-Ion batteries. Rated at 24Wh
    IMG_20130523_144031_262.jpg IMG_20130625_082657_306.jpg
    P103 18V ONE+™ Compact Lithium-Ion Battery: Who said small batteries couldn’t deliver full size power? This is Ryobi’s original Lithium-Ion battery which then was called compact after the High Capacity came out. It has tons more power than the NiCad it replaces and has 0 fade. Rated at 24Wh
    IMG_20130523_144101_041.jpg IMG_20130625_082737_061.jpg IMG_20130625_082719_793.jpg
    P104 18V ONE+™ High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery: This is Ryobi’s original High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery. It has an on-board power gauge to check juice level and lasts for hours when drilling and cutting. Has about 1.5 times the juice of the compact batteries, but charges in an hour. Rated at 46Wh
    IMG_20130523_144039_295.jpg IMG_20130523_144044_694.jpg IMG_20130523_144051_260.jpg
    P107 18V ONE+™ COMPACT LITHIUM+™ BATTERY: Ryobi’s second gen performance battery built to increase tool torque and handle temperature extremes. The battery has slightly better life than the other 2 compacts but not by much. Also it has a fuel gauge which shows your charge as you're going. Rated at 28Wh
    IMG_20130625_082644_837.jpg IMG_20130625_082629_076.jpg IMG_20130812_171344_869.jpg IMG_20130812_171534_812.jpg
    P108 18V ONE+™ HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM+™ BATTERY: The performance high capacity variant of the 2nd gen batteries, which it lives up to. The battery claims to have 4x as much capacity as the NiCads and twice the capacity of the original P104 high capacity. Well it does by far! using the fan as a benchmark this battery can run the fan at full power for 7.5 hours no stop while the compacts last only 2.5 and the old P104 lasts about 4. The battery also allows high draw tools like impacts and drills to draw up to 35% more power than the other batteries. It also is built to handle temperature extremes and has a built in fuel gauge to check you charge as you work. Rated at 72Wh
    IMG_20130812_171418_616.jpg IMG_20130812_171514_145.jpg IMG_20130812_171554_559.jpg IMG_20130812_171455_428.jpg
    The Chargers
    P114 18V ONE+™ Dual Chemistry Charger: There’s not much to say about this and the other charger they just work great and charge all batteries in an hour or less. Being able to charge both NiCad and Lithium-Ion is great it makes projects with others with older ONE+ tools easy and quick.
    IMG_20130523_143928_136.jpg IMG_20130523_143922_472.jpg IMG_20130523_143939_963.jpg
    P117 18V ONE+™ DUAL CHEMISTRY CHARGER: This is the performance charger for Ryobi tools also known as a quick charger. It charges most batteries in 30 minutes or less with an exception of the P108 because of its massive capacity. Like all of Ryobi’s chargers it is Energy Star certified and is designed so you can leave the battery on the charger without damaging it. When left on the charger the charger will run occasional maintenance charges to try to recover more capacity that has been lost due to age or wear. The first time I used the charger I was instantly amazed because it charged a battery that had been drained to totally dead in only 20 minutes. The charge also has a temperature delay charge system so if a battery is too cold or hot to charge it will wait to charge it to protect the battery cells.
    IMG_20130901_180013_648.jpg IMG_20130901_175947_596.jpg IMG_20130901_175925_426.jpg IMG_20130901_175955_814.jpg
    P118 18V ONE+™ Dual Chemistry Charger: See P114 above. The only difference is it is more compact and colored black.
    IMG_20130523_144430_824.jpg IMG_20130523_144424_032.jpg IMG_20130523_144408_763.jpg

    I will do the drills and drivers next
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    that is one impressive collection you have there sir...
    I too have a ryobi system, my parents got me it 2 years ago for christmas, it is the system that comes with the drill, light, sawzaw, and tablesaw (carrying bag and charger included) and so far that have worked plenty well for me! though I am a craftsman guy, (my craftsman C3 battery pack has already bugged out on me) so ryobi has put a bit of a sweet tooth on me for now.
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    What I love about Ryobi tools is they have a 18V tool for almost every thing. It make building something so much simpler when your dealing with only one type of battery to do the whole job. Also The lithium batteries are great with 0 fade and actually affordable.

    Here's the next section:

    The Drills and Drivers:
    P212 18V ONE+™ 2-SPEED HAMMER DRILL: Its exactly what the name says its a heavy duty 2 speed drill that also works as a masonry hammer drill. I have yet to use this function, but at least we know its there. We bought the drill after having a project where we needed a drill for drilling and one for driving ready at all times and we had to borrow a drill from a neighbor. We also got the jigsaw for free when we bought this drill.
    IMG_20130526_213507_877.jpg IMG_20130526_213436_254.jpg IMG_20130526_213441_694.jpg IMG_20130526_213449_146.jpg IMG_20130526_213502_521.jpg IMG_20130526_213431_789.jpg
    P234G 18V ONE+™ IMPACT DRIVER: This thing is insane and makes putting in screws/bolts child’s play. Also it build tough and can handle abuse like many a tools I own I have dropped is and it still works like new!
    IMG_20130523_144248_744.jpg IMG_20130523_144254_112.jpg IMG_20130523_144307_129.jpg
    P250 18V ONE+™ AUTOSHIFT™ DRILL: Quite possibly the toughest and strongest battery powered drill on the market. The drill has the ability to automatically switch between speed and power mode. Speed mode works for 90% of tasks, but the power mode makes that other 10% of jobs easy as pie. In power the drill makes insane torque enough to act as a light impact driver. This auto clutch design makes the drill amazing and easy to use. Also after hours of work the drill just keeps going driving screws and drilling even very large holes. The drill deserves a 6/5 rating because it comes at a cheap for drills price of 69.99.
    IMG_20130523_144135_960.jpg IMG_20130523_144123_932.jpg IMG_20130523_144145_741.jpg IMG_20130523_144148_627.jpg
    P260 18V ONE+™ 1/2" IMPACT WRENCH: Built for abuse and cordless reliability this impact holds up against professional models that cost 100s more. Even though it only produces 200ft/lb which is less than the competing Dewalt, it costs $40 less and works with all ONE+ batteries. It also comes with a ¼” driver adapter so it can be used as a heavy duty impact driver. it may not be the most powerful impact out there but it can remove most vehicles lug nuts as well as install them, with torque limiter of course. The impact also has a LED the illuminates your work area.
    IMG_20130830_203234_025.jpg IMG_20130830_203225_043.jpg IMG_20130830_203241_017.jpg IMG_20130830_203301_584.jpg IMG_20130830_203250_092.jpg IMG_20130830_203309_886.jpg
    P271 18V ONE+™ 1/2" Drill: The only normal drill we own which has the normal 2 speed selector. the drill is very well made and does normal drilling and driving fairly well. This drill came with the impact driver in a combo kit which was bought for me yet I somehow my dad has taken both tools… Luckily I replaced both with much more heavy duty tools.
    IMG_20130523_144231_370.jpg IMG_20130523_144221_815.jpg IMG_20130523_144214_917.jpg IMG_20130523_144210_897.jpg

    I have created my own Drilling and Driving kit using my P250 and P260 drill and impact as well as the P107 and P108 batteries, P118 charger, and some drilling and driving kits. This travel kit all fits in the small Ryobi bag I have so I'm ready for any situation.
    IMG_20130901_113751_356.jpg IMG_20130901_113759_277.jpg

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    I have a couple Ryobi one tools in my work truck. Drill/Driver, High Speed drill, Sawzall, and circular saw, the one problem Ive been having is a short lifespan on the batteries.
    I had to replace the batteries (3) of them twice in the last year. Ill normally start the day with freshly charged batteries and have to recharge them once during a normal 8 hour day. I know its time to start looking for new batteries when they start needing a second recharge in an 8 hour day.
    By comparison my Milwaukee cordless batteries have lasted me 2 years, Which is probably why they ended up on my home work bench when the company bought me new drills.
  5. Conlan Rose

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    Do you use the Ni-cads or lithium? I ask because I have had my 2 P104 batteries for close to 4 years now and they have lost very little capacity and I have abused them like crazy with using tools like the grinder(yet to post) and trimmer(yet to post). The new P117 charger is made to bring old batteries back to live by reconditioning their cells, it worked well on my P103 which is the same age as the 2 P104s. I put the P103, P102, and P107 under many deep cycles this summer using them to power my fan all day and draining them to dead every time. Once I got the P117 and charged each of the batteries on it it ran each battery through a maintenance charge to recover capacity in some of the cells that had degraded. On the P103 it did that for about as long as it took to charge it. I have yet to use the new charger on the 2 P104s so it may breath new life in to them as well.

    Btw the new P108s are better designed for heavy draw and constant deep cycling.

    I will wait to post more reviews for a bit just so I can edit and re size photos and respond better to people.
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    Ryobi products hard to find in my area

    Great review, I too use Ryobi (and Craftsman), but since I have moved (to WA) I have yet to find a store that carries Ryobi anything. I have looked at the local Lowes, Walmart, Sear and Home Depot, and so far they do not carry anything Ryobi. The battery to my leaf blower died before I moved from NY and I was trying to replace it, would hate to have to buy online, you would think they would be easier to find out here..
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    If you don't already have one, pick up the multi-tool

    I use the Ridgid line, but the Ryobi are sold in the Home Depot stores, if fact, the Ridgid heads will fit the Ryobi tool.

    I bough mine on a whim, and I can't believe how many times I reach for it.
  8. Conlan Rose

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    Ryobi is an exclusive at Home Depot. They should have them at every Home Depot. If not ask the service department to order them for you usually they will.

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    I do have One Just have yet to post it.. I only have the original head but my dad really wants the auto hammer.

    Just posted it.
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    I will have to go back to the Home Depot then, I was with the family and might have walked right past them... That explains why all the other stores didn't have any though! Thanks :great:
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    Other Tools:

    P300 18V ONE+™ Nailer/Stapler: Pretty much the tool the proved to me Ryobi tools can take a beating like no other. Why, you ask? I dropped it off a ladder by accident once and it hit every rung on the way down and worked fine after I picked it up. Only dislike is the use of 18 Ga. nails instead of the normal 16 Ga.
    IMG_20130526_213218_424.jpg IMG_20130526_213153_837.jpg IMG_20130526_213205_410.jpg IMG_20130526_213216_143.jpg
    P340 18V ONE+™ JOBPLUS™ WITH MULTI-TOOL ATTACHMENT: Ryobi’s answer to the multi tool craze, but they didn’t do it alone. Partnered with Ridgid, another brand of One World Technologies, Inc., they created the JobMax tool head system the also works with the Ryobi Jobplus base. This means the the JobPlus is more than just a multi tool, it's also an impact driver, ratchet, auto hammer, jigsaw, recip, and drill/driver. This means one tool can do many more tasks. The base also has an LED work light to make working it poor lighting easier. the base is built so the heads can be positioned 4 different directions and the trigger is large to make using the tool in weird positions easy.
    Multi-tool head: The multi tool head is insanely useful and can use any brands blades and attachments so you never need to worry about finding the right blade.
    IMG_20130526_214231_271.jpg IMG_20130526_214145_465.jpg IMG_20130526_214153_771.jpg IMG_20130526_214205_643.jpg IMG_20130526_214222_455.jpg
    P400 18V ONE+™ CORNER CAT™ FINISH SANDER: The tough little sander that can! I've used this for so many projects that its a miracle it works after hours of vibration and dust. The pad shape is the same as Ryobi’s corded counterpart so it is super easy to find sanding pads. The sander last 3-4 hours on the P104 battery and has a comfortable grip that makes hours of use pain free minus your arm being jello.
    IMG_20130526_213108_244.jpg IMG_20130526_213055_890.jpg IMG_20130526_213112_489.jpg
    P420 18V ONE+™ 4-1/2" ANGLE GRINDER: The tank of cordless grinders, even though it is only meant for using a grinding wheel or wire brush it still can handle using a masonry blade to cut through pavers no problem. The only flaw in the tool is that it kills even the high capacity batteries quickly.
    IMG_20130526_214032_068.jpg IMG_20130526_214020_760.jpg IMG_20130526_213953_197.jpg IMG_20130526_213955_296.jpg IMG_20130526_214006_721.jpg IMG_20130526_214018_636.jpg
    Outdoor Products:

    P2005 18V ONE+™ Lithium Trimmer/Edger: the With gas powered power in a light cordless package what else could you ask for! this was one of the first tools we bought and immediately is proved its worth. its great being able to trim around the entire house all landscaping elements and clear the driveway of weeds and never need to switch batteries. The trimmer came in a kit that had a P104 battery and P114 charger which made it even more worth the money.
    IMG_20130526_215300_642.jpg IMG_20130526_215307_667.jpg IMG_20130526_215344_916.jpg
    P2603 18V ONE+™ LITHIUM 18V CORDLESS HEDGE TRIMMER: Who said a good trimmer has to be corded or gas powered. Using the same blade as its gas powered Ryobi counterpart this high powered tool easily cuts branches and trims back trees and bushes like nothing.
    IMG_20130526_215524_343.jpg IMG_20130526_215450_827.jpg IMG_20130526_215546_027.jpg IMG_20130526_215605_970.jpg

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