Ryobi 18V ONE+ Tool system

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    More tools:
    IMG_20130526_221327_941.jpg IMG_20130831_193324_277.jpg IMG_20130831_193313_076.jpg IMG_20130526_221325_763.jpg


    P503 18V ONE+™ 5-1/2” Circular Saw: One of only two tools I’ve used by Ryobi that has sucked. This saw drains batteries quickly, but jams up often and only cuts a depth of 1 1/2”. I rarely use this saw and neglect it often because of its poor design. I will admit though it does feel great to hold and is very ergonomic, but its good qualities end there.
    IMG_20130526_215939_915.jpg IMG_20130526_215944_110.jpg IMG_20130526_215932_496.jpg

    P513 18V ONE+™ Reciprocating Saw: Wanna cut a tree in half? Wanna trim that branch? Wanna cut through the world? Well here’s the tool you need and it’s tough too. Mines been dropped out of trees and off roofs (yes by accident) many times and just keeps going. Arm it with one of Milwaukee’s high quality blades and nothing can stop it. Even though I own a chainsaw, I usually just use this to cut everything as long as I have the right blade. Another great quality which likely helps with the toughness is that the whole body is covered with a rubberized skin that gives great grip any direction and good impact/vibration protection. The saw is very efficient with batteries and can get 1-2 hours of work per charge on the high capacity batteries.
    IMG_20130526_213858_093.jpg IMG_20130526_213838_342.jpg IMG_20130526_213853_938.jpg

    P521 18V ONE+™ Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw: With very accurate cuts and an adjustable blade speed and cut quality for materials this cordless jigsaw makes light work of plywood and other thin materials. The saw also features a guide laser for keeping on a line as well as the ability to use both normal blades and t-shank blades. I've used it many times especially before we bought the table saw to do careful cuts in plywood. The only drawback with the saw is aw you cut dust builds up just in front of your line so you need to keep blowing it out of the way.
    IMG_20130526_213312_623.jpg IMG_20130526_213255_543.jpg IMG_20130526_213301_074.jpg

    P543 18V ONE+™ CORDLESS 10" CHAINSAW: To be quite honest I can’t review this we’ve never used it for anything and I’m not sure why it seems like a great saw.
    IMG_20130526_214535_856.jpg IMG_20130526_214510_377.jpg IMG_20130526_214626_742.jpg

    P551 18V ONE+™ 7-1/4" CORDLESS MITER SAW WITH LASER: the Who else but Ryobi would make a cordless bench tool. Ryobi put the most powerful 18V motor they could find in this saw and then created a tough base, arm and handle so now homeowners can cut 2x4 with extreme accuracy using a true miter saw instead of a hand held circular saw and still be portable and not need an outlet. I use this saw for every project that involves 2x4s and smaller wood. It cuts on the dot every time and gently uses the batteries lasting 100s of cuts. It also has the power to cut wet pressure treated lumber without a problem. It is made so it can do 45° miter cuts and angle cuts. Currently it can't do angle cuts because the handle broke, but its at least stuck on 0
    IMG_20130526_220946_537.jpg IMG_20130526_220401_144.jpg IMG_20130526_221009_500.jpg IMG_20130526_220349_710.jpg IMG_20130526_221028_700.jpg IMG_20130526_220409_773.jpg IMG_20130526_221059_383.jpg

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    Lifestyle Tools:
    P120 18V ONE+™ Battery Fuel Gauge: Very useful for checking your charge before taking on a project or during to see if you should grab an extra battery. It’s pretty much the simplest thing on earth to use then put it on the battery top and bam it lights up to show the charge.
    IMG_20130526_220231_573.jpg IMG_20130526_220235_789.jpg

    P3200 18V ONE+™ Wet/Dry Canister Vac: Built to have the power of a corded shop-vac there isn't much this cordless vacuum can’t do. Its powerful motor and 1.5 gal capacity allows you to clean up your whole shop without stopping. Also the motor top without the bucket attached can work as a light duty blower. The vacuum comes with tons of attachments for all kinds of tasks. The motor and battery are protected with a 30 amp maxi fuse so you never need to worry about burning out the motor.
    IMG_20130526_215009_433.jpg IMG_20130526_214848_706.jpg IMG_20130526_215115_836.jpg IMG_20130526_215023_072.jpg

    P3310 18V ONE+™ PORTABLE FAN: Holy airflow Batman! This fan produces insane amounts of airflow for being battery powered and it lasts hours even on high. The fan has 2 speeds one at about 1400 rpm(low) and one at 2100 rpm(high). The 10in blade is built in a cowled structure to increase airflow and air speed. there are mounting/hanging points all over the fan so finding a place to put it isn'ta worry. This fan was a lifesaver this summer working at a camp where finding an outlet was a task on its own.Now for battery stats which is how I figure out how good a battery is:
    P102/P103 & P107: 5.5-6 hours on low/ 2-2.5 on high
    P104: 10+ on low/4.5 on high
    P108: 18+ on low/ 7.5 on high
    IMG_20130625_082511_607.jpg IMG_20130625_082557_449.jpg IMG_20130625_082620_418.jpg

    P703 18V ONE+™ Flashlight: The 2nd gen Ryobi light which is half the size of the original and has a better pivoting head. Thing is great and can handle falling off a moving car.
    IMG_20130523_144007_846.jpg IMG_20130523_143959_184.jpg

    P704 18V ONE+™ Worklight: The 3rd gen of Ryobi light very similar to the previous except better designed for hanging and weird work angles. The head now can swivel both right and left which doubles the usability.
    IMG_20130526_213629_180.jpg IMG_20130526_213613_474.jpg IMG_20130526_213623_584.jpg

    P712 18V ONE+™ HAND VAC: A tool that was worth every penny. This little hand vac has the same amount if not more power than any vacuum of its size. The vacuum easily sucks up dust, dirt, and screw when cleaning up your work bench. For being a $30 product the seals between the body, filters and collection container are flawless and not a bit of dust enters the motor or falls out. The vacuum is super easy to empty and clean with filters easily pop out to clean. The collection container also has a oneway intake valve so dirt enters, but cannot get back out. The vac also as a small extension nozzle/brush that is easily stored on board.
    IMG_20130523_144529_109.jpg IMG_20130523_144535_075.jpg IMG_20130523_144519_511.jpg
    P731 18V ONE+™ DUAL FUNCTION INFLATOR / DEFLATOR: Life saver if you have a low tire, need to inflate an air mattress or pump your football back up. Best thing about this inflater is you can set it to a specific PSI kPa or bar so you won't be guessing if its the right pressure. The inflater does both high pressure and low pressure and low pressure deflation. I have used it to inflate Tahoe’s tires from 32- up to 36 psi and it does it no problem. Also have used it to bring our Forester’s tire from 27 up to 36, yah I messed up and deflated it while checking pressure. It has all the attachments you should need for inflating most items.
    IMG_20130526_220133_755.jpg IMG_20130526_220039_639.jpg IMG_20130526_220059_909.jpg IMG_20130526_220143_512.jpg
    P741 18V ONE+™ RADIO:
    This radio made the 2nd half of my summer and very quickly payed for itself. As noted previously I worked at a Boy Scout camp this summer and I ran the dining hall which also included cleaning the whole camps dishes. Being able to tune to my favorite station every meal and jam out as we ran the dishwasher and I put away stuff made every moment so much easier. The radio for being very small and compact has really good sound quality and picks up stations that other radios just don't. It also has a aux input so you can plug your phone or iPod in. It is said to have presets and does but I have yet to get them to work.

    IMG_20130831_154934_194.jpg IMG_20130831_154950_895.jpg IMG_20130831_155016_282.jpg IMG_20130831_155025_451.jpg

    P780 18V ONE+™ WORKSHOP LIGHT: On full power the light can easily illuminate a whole room and at low it still can do a good job to light up a pitch black room or tent. Also on low it has a battery life of 23 hours when using the P104 battery.
    IMG_20130523_144344_905.jpg IMG_20130523_144326_257.jpg IMG_20130523_144340_128.jpg

    P920 18V ONE+™ Plug in Lanyard:
    Got this for free with my sander. Its useful when you find a good use for it but other than that it gets in the way.

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    I scored the craftsmen 12v multi tool for $10 at menards after rebate.
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    The multi tools are absolutely great. I haven't used the rayobi version, but the fein at work is amazing. Totally agree on using it more than you would think you would. When it comes in handy it can really save time and agrivation.
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    I used both Nicads and Lithium and had the same results.
    Ill have to try the P117 charger to see If I can regain anything on the old batteries.
    I normally dont worry if kill the batteries since the company I work for buys them.
    For some reason someone in our Corporate office thinks we go through drills at the rate of every few months, in the last * months theyve sent me @ Dewalt driver/drills, and 2 Milwaukee driver/drills, I suspect they dont realize we can buy new batteries on our company credit card.
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    I used a fein "caulk cutter" for work about 10 years ago. It was before they started marketing it as a multi tool. They had the original patten so they were expensive. When their patten expired is when the market became flooded with the other brands and the price dropped big time. We used to run those things 8-10 hours straight a day. They would get so hot that you would have to wear 2 pairs of gloves. But, they hardly ever broke down.

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