S-T-U-M-P-E-R... filter?

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    Aah yes! Marketing marketing marketing! Those engines are only used for one race. I kind of have to believe that a coffee filter would probably do the job for that. Don't put too much faith in marketing strategies. That's what I do for a living and I can tell you that many of these companies come up with more lies and fabrication than truth! When is the last time you actually SAW a brand new pick up truck for $13,995? Who have you ever met that actually gained 20HP from a TBI spacer or a cold air intake? I read car dealer commercials every day, but I have YET to see a new truck for the advertised price! (It is a base line stripper model that has to be ordered from the factory... even MORE of a stripper than the "regular" baseline trucks, but notice that teh truck they are showing you when they say the price is a fully loaded, "Texas Caddy"... and you AIN'T gettin' THAT one for any $14k!)

    I like AC/Delco... It's what it came with. Price and all things being equal, Given the choice between a GM Crate engine and an Auto Zone engine, which would YOU rather buy? Just sayin'!
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